Spring in Maine: Anticipation

A week or so ago it got up to 80º here. We were all pretty excited about that, I can tell you. However, Spring in Maine is nothing if not fickle, so that tease of warmth was followed by two minor snowfalls, just to remind us that this is, after all, Maine.

Here’s what Rockport Harbor looked like yesterday, and if you know how to read this scene, it’s all about anticipation…

Anticipation of the lobsters that will soon start migrating up the bay, and anticipation of the fishing season that is the make-it/break-it time for many families along the coast. Becca & Meagan is ready to go and as I look down at the harbor this minute, he’s gone — somewhere out there on the bay setting his early gear.

Anticipation of all the boats that will soon start flooding into the harbor, locals and transients alike. All of those now-empty moorings are pulled from the water each winter and the local mooring guy is just starting to set them again. Soon the harbor will be swarming with scores of craft representing diverse boating populations from far and wide. You’ll see.

This is, right now, that fleeting moment when we are still usually wrapped into our fleeces, but the crocuses are up, we have yet to see the first black flies or mosquitoes, the days are fantastically longer, no smoke curls from chimneys, and we all know that “here it comes.”

No matter how many winters we have all endured (or enjoyed), Spring is a Blessing. And it is the time when we still have it all to ourselves, before the onslaught of Summer.

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