Kahoʻolawe to Open For Fishing on Limited Dates

Fishermen will be able to troll in Kahoʻolawe waters from Sept. 28 to 29.
Access to the reserveʻs waters is highly restricted because of the unexploded bombs that are still present from the military training era, according to the Kahoʻolawe Island Reserve Commission. KIRC also regulates access to protect the islandʻs fragile marine resources.
Permitted vessels are allowed to troll for two weekends each month. All other fishing and ocean activities are prohibited.
Hawai ‘i Administrative Rules require that all vessels must register annually with KIRC before entering the reserve during designated trolling dates.

Registered vessels are also required to file a catch report with KIRC any time they fish in the reserve, whether or not they caught fish.

The complete 2019 trolling schedule is available here.
To register, contact Dean Tokishi at 808-243-5889, or [email protected], or click here.
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