May days at Marshall Point lighthouse.

An iPhone Take On Spring In Coastal Maine

5/26/2014 - I spent the entire winter in south Florida this past year. I enjoyed the sunshine, the warm weather, and the ocean temperatures, but I missed coastal Maine more than I can express. That being said, I feel as if I did not share in the misery that so many of… SEE MORE
Late afternoon on the shores of Mosquito Harbor, between Port Clyde and Tenants Harbor.

Savoring the Special Light of September on the Coast

9/16/2013 - Anybody who lives in Maine knows that September is the one month that seems to shine above all the rest. The air is so clear, the temperatures so comfortable, and the natural light so stunning. September sunsets are magnificent, as are the sunny afternoons, where white clouds race across the… SEE MORE
Perfect day, as competitors in the Penobscot Bay Rendezcous sail by the Camden hills.

A Rendezvous to Remember on Penobscot Bay

8/18/2013 - As my good friend Mark Abb and I set off from Rockport Harbor during the afternoon of August 17, we soon realized that we would be running right through the middle of the Penobscot Bay Rendezvous, an annual regatta that features an incredible collection of sailboats, all dancing around gracefully… SEE MORE
Perfect anchorage on Northern Island.

Kayaking Maine’s Outer Islands Off Tenants Harbor

8/15/2013 - Tenants Harbor is a beautiful place, and kayaking around the majestic islands that surround it is something else entirely. There's Northern, Southern, Mosquito, Seavey, High, and Clark Islands. There are small little anchorages like the Brothers, Spectacles, and Long Cove. There are magnificent houses down the shoreline of Harts Neck,… SEE MORE
August afternoon in Pulpit Harbor.

High Pressure Happiness On the Maine Coast

8/5/2013 - When the weatherman proclaims that a high pressure system will take hold along the Maine coast, it means that sunshine will appear and the sweet breezes of summer will blow. This week temps are in the mid 70s during the days and the high 40s during the star-filled nights. This… SEE MORE
Perfect summer night in Tenants Harbor.

Photo View: Sitting On Summer’s Glorious Doorstep

6/19/2013 - The majestic light that swept over the southern end of the St. George peninsula on June 18 was breathtaking! Late June on the mid-coast of Maine is always special, but a double rainbow that held court over the pink waters of Tenants Harbor was something else all together. I truly… SEE MORE
Dusk falls over Tenants Harbor.

June’s Lasting Light on the Maine Coast

6/8/2013 - The light that washes over the Maine coast in the month of June is a beautiful thing to behold. Afternoons burn bright when the sun is out and evenings seem to just crawl by. The sun sets around 8:30 and the light of day creeps over the pine trees before… SEE MORE