A brilliant May afternoon in Port Clyde.

When the Fog Clears, the Maine Coast Opens Up

5/14/2013 - As I mentioned in my previous post, the Maine coast is known for its thick fog, which swirls through coastal towns every spring and summer. This marine layer reduces the visibility drastically and hides the sun from all who wish to see it. But just as soon as the fog… SEE MORE
Port Clyde is gorgeous in all weather, but perhaps even more so in the fog.

Harbingers of Spring: The Foggy Days Of May

5/9/2013 - When the fog begins to roll in, you know summer can't be too far away. As I drive home down Route 131 toward Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde, the sun begins to disappear, the temperature plummets, and the wispy strands of spring fog move through the pine trees and across… SEE MORE
Afternoon clouds over Penobscot Bay.

Short Trail Leads to Long Views on Sears Island

4/8/2013 - The Blue Trail on Sears Island, northeast of Belfast, is a fantastic way to take in the views of northern Penobscot Bay. You can see Islesboro, Castine, Cape Rosier, Blue Hill, and many islands in between. There is a rocky beach and a beautiful assortment of spruce and birch trees.… SEE MORE
Port Clyde

The Photographer’s Eye: Captivated by Coastal Light

3/18/2013 - As a photographer, and a self-taught one at that, I know many fine images are held captive by the ever-changing light on the coast of Maine. One minute you swear it's perfect, the next minute a thick band of fog or clouds move over. Just as fast though, the landscape… SEE MORE
Perfect spring afternoon in Tenants Harbor.

The Glass Half-Full Approach To March

3/13/2013 - As a bookend to my previous post, I would like to offer the visual pleasures of March, when the sun actually hangs around for a couple of days and the cold winds back off a bit. It is the promise of summer that makes spring so sweet. Last weekend in… SEE MORE
Port Clyde afternoon.

In a Different Light: The Beautiful Gloom Of March

3/4/2013 - March is transition month on the coast of Maine. Winter is slowly drifting away, while spring is reluctantly appearing in the form of muddy roads and cool afternoons. Yesterday, as I walked around Mosquito Harbor (just around the corner from Port Clyde), I couldn't help but notice the sun, which… SEE MORE
A true natural on the sands of Rouqe Bluffs.

It’s a Dog’s Life on the Coast

2/13/2013 - I noticed the Westminster Dog Show was on television the other night. It got me thinking of all the great dogs I have met while traveling the Maine coast. What these lucky dogs all have in common is that they live in Maine, of course! There is space for them… SEE MORE
Teamwork is everything on the ocean.

Ending The Season In Port Clyde

1/31/2013 - For John Hall, longtime Port Clyde fisherman, it's about time to take a vacation. "Taking four weeks off," he says while piloting his boat past Hupper Island and out into Muscongus Bay. "Going back down to Florida, gonna play golf, cruise around, just relax." Hall fishes 800 traps, and on… SEE MORE
Low clouds over Wheeler Bay.

Winter’s Bite On Spruce Head Island

1/27/2013 - January means very cold temperatures on the coast of Maine, as evidenced by this past week's windchill values, which hovered between 0 and 25 below. This weather, while loathsome to some, excites me greatly! We are afforded an opportunity to see the extremes of mother nature. Ice and sea smoke… SEE MORE
Marshall Point Lighthouse.

Last Light At Marshall Point

1/16/2013 - Marshall Point Lighthouse sits at the very southern end of the St. George Peninsula. It is surrounded by jagged rocks and windswept fields. Dense thickets of spruce and balsam fir provide a stunning green background, while neighboring Hupper Island guards the entrance to Port Clyde Harbor. Monhegan looms in the… SEE MORE