Low tide in Stonington Harbor.

Making a Life on Stonington’s Working Waterfront

1/9/2013 - Of all the famous fishing ports I have visited on the eastern Maine coast, Stonington remains the most impressive. Everywhere you turn, there are lobster boats of all shapes and sizes, hundreds of skiffs, lobster traps, piles of neatly coiled rope and weathered buildings and wharves that cater specifically to… SEE MORE
Resting along Moosabec Reach on Beals Island.

Winter on the Maine Coast Is Something to Savor

12/29/2012 - With a recent batch of fresh snow on the ground, winter has finally arrived to the coast of Maine. Temperatures are predicted to drop below zero at night. Contrary to many opinions, I almost prefer the coast in the dead of winter, when the sea smoke hovers above the ocean… SEE MORE
A refuge from winter on Great Wass Island.

The Many Shapes of Home on the Maine Coast

12/21/2012 - "Home for the Holidays" is a phrase that can have many meanings. On the eastern coast of Maine, there are so many forms of dwellings, it's hard to keep track of them all. I have seen enormous and elegant cottages in Northeast Harbor and small oceanside camps made entirely of… SEE MORE
Pleasant Point Gut in Cushing.

Seeking Solitude on the St. George River

12/13/2012 - The small peninsula that encompasses the towns of Cushing and Friendship is a very quiet place where fishing is a huge part of everyday life. Pleasant Point Gut, down at the southern end of the peninsula where the St. George River empties out into Muscongus Bay, is a small harbor… SEE MORE
Looking down Somes Sound from Valley Peak.

Off-Season Acadia: My Own Private Playground

12/4/2012 - Acadia National Park can be your own outdoor playground in the winter months. Gone are the crowds, which usually peter out after the last few leaves hit the ground in early November. The graceful sailboats of summer have all but sailed away, leaving the popular waters of Somes Sound, Northeast… SEE MORE
Sunset over the Pleasant River in South Addison.

Enjoying a Rare November Warmup in Downeast Maine

11/13/2012 - The temperature soared into the low 60s on November 12 in Washington County, a very rare and welcome change in the temperature for the middle of November. Fishermen in Bucks Harbor walked the docks in short sleeves as they counted their daily catch and wiped the gathering sweat off their… SEE MORE