At 65' on deck and with a 99' rig, the next generation Volvo Ocean Race boat will be a one-design powerhouse.

Meet the Next Generation of Volvo Ocean Racer

6/28/2012 - There will, no doubt, be plenty of criticism about the Volvo Ocean Race's decision to go with Bruce Farr as the sole designer of the next generation of Volvo Ocean Race boat — it's indeed curious that the two boats currently at the top of the standings are both Juan… SEE MORE
This partially completed 70' yacht will be up for auction in Thomaston on August 1.

Serious Auction Action

6/13/2012 - It's no secret that I have a soft spot for project boats. My backyard is proof enough of that! Yard sales are great places to find small diamonds-in-the-rough, but if you're looking for the big time score there's no place better than an auction. And this summer Lyman-Morse in Thomaston,… SEE MORE
If we've done our work in the boatyard right, our boats will be perfectly balanced when we set out on the bay.

Finding the Balance During Spring Commissioning

6/5/2012 - June's longer days are ideal for getting work done on the boat, whether yours is in the boatyard, on a trailer in the driveway, or already tied up at the dock. Sometimes, though, it can be all too easy to get so engrossed in our sanding and polishing that we… SEE MORE

Something to Go With the Red Corvette

5/15/2012 - Let's face it, at one point or another many gentlemen of a certain age find themselves eyeing a red convertible. Little did I know that Pirelli, maker of the go-fast tires on many of those same red sports cars, has been in the boat business for more than half a… SEE MORE
The winter covers are coming off, and the boatyards are getting lively. Sweet spring!

Uncovering the Fleet

4/30/2012 - Spring has finally arrived in virtually all of our favorite harbors across the country, which means winter covers are coming off and fleets are being readied for the water everywhere. The boating season can't come soon enough for me; when is your scheduled launch date this year? SEE MORE
WINDCREST, built in 2006 by Hodgdon Yachts of East Boothbay, Maine.

For Superyachts, Wood is Still Good

4/25/2012 - It's almost incredible to believe, but in the superyacht world a five-year-old boat can practically seem, well, old. Which is why it's nice when a yacht like Windcrest, launched less than a half-dozen years ago at Hodgdon Yachts in East Boothbay, Maine, keeps turning heads and winning awards. The 98'… SEE MORE
Isn't this the coziness we all crave aboard?

Cozy Cabin Comfort

3/30/2012 - Isn't this the coziness we're all striving for belowdecks? Sorry, this one's already under contract at Classic Boat Shop. But I'll bet there's another listing that would fit the bill nicely... SEE MORE
Sometimes a name says it all.

All in a Name

3/22/2012 - Once in a while, a boat's name perfectly sums up what we are all seeking at the coast. And aboard this gorgeous Hinckley, certainly most of us would find it. SEE MORE
The new Wally 118, showing its cruising speed of 60 knots. Photo courtesy of Wally Yachts.

The Empire Strikes Back

3/10/2012 - And here I was, thinking that Darth Vader had died on Endor. Apparently he escaped to the Med, where he and Luca Bassani Antivari have collaborated on a 118' motor yacht. Some might want to run me out of the harbor for even mentioning Wally Yachts' new Wally 118, but… SEE MORE
If desired, the crew can be kept away from the passengers, in either a steering station forward or another section aft.

A Dinghy Like No Other

2/14/2012 - One of the aspects of boating that I appreciate the most is that it serves as the great equalizer: the handyman on his five-thousand dollar yard sale special may be having just as much fun on the bay as the venture capitalist on his multimillion-dollar yacht. And yet, when I’m… SEE MORE