A family as they take a quick break before passing through the Surf Drive Beach section of the bike path.

Biking Along the ‘Shining Sea’ in Woods Hole

10/11/2012 - On a sunny Cape Cod day, nothing beats riding a bike while overlooking long stretches of beaches and cranberry bogs. The “Shining Sea Bikeway,” was named after the song “America the Beautiful” written by Falmouth native Katharine Lee Bates. The name not only signifies a historical importance, but also reflects… SEE MORE

Cape Cod Classic: The George Williams Skiff

9/10/2012 - Mention the term “skiff” to anyone who has lived around Woods Hole and they will immediately picture a George Williams skiff, a total old school classic and great for a multitude of purposes. The typical George Williams skiff is around 17 feet in length and made of painted pine plywood.… SEE MORE

Woods Hole Center Offers Glimpse Into Ocean Science

8/30/2012 - A trip to Woods Hole affords you a visit to the incredible discoveries of the world-famous research institution called the Woods Hole Oceanographic (WHOI). In the midst of the many scientific research buildings in Woods Hole sits the Ocean Science Exhibit Center and Gift Shop. The exhibit center informs visitors… SEE MORE
Stoney Beach, less than a mile from Woods Hole, is a cherished retreat on the Cape.

A Tiny Treasure in Woods Hole: Stoney Beach

8/11/2012 - Less than a mile away from downtown Woods Hole rests the small but beautiful Stoney Beach. Although Stoney Beach may not be as big as Nobska Beach or other beaches in Falmouth, this oasis is a cherished Woods Hole spot. For kids, Stoney beach is exceptional for its lack of… SEE MORE
After emerging through the winding paths, the Knob becomes visible.

The Knob — A Perfect Excursion on a Summer Day

7/24/2012 - With a panoramic view of Quissett Harbor and Racing Beach, the small park known locally as the Knob is definitely worth the journey. The Knob is truly unlike most places in Woods Hole – long wooded paths circle throughout twelve acres that eventually lead to this narrow peninsula where you… SEE MORE