Fore Points Marina

Portland Boatyard Gains Wide-Beam Hauling Capacity

8/9/2012 - A 74-foot Marc Lombard Catamaran was back in the water recently after a week in the dry dock undergoing repairs to both keels after hitting a ledge. Portland Yacht Services was in the process of securing a two-year option on the dry dock “Owl,” a 1300-ton dock measuring 120’ by… SEE MORE
The view from aloft aboard 70' ketch NO NONSENSE, moored at Portland Yacht Services.

View From On High in Portland Harbor

7/27/2012 - One of our crew recently brought a camera along with him while doing some work aloft on the 70' ketch No Nonsense. The views he captured of Portland Yacht Services and the Portland skyline are impressive. We're amazed that not only can he keep his knees from knocking while suspended… SEE MORE
The Troubleshooting Contest held at the Maine Boatbuilders Show was all about hands-on training.

Teaching Troubleshooting at Portland Yacht Services

3/27/2012 - In conjunction with the Maine Boatbuilders Show, staff at Portland Yacht Services conducted a troubleshooting competition that tested students' ability to untangle a variety of electrical problems within several console mockups. Participants included students from the Portland Arts & Technology High School. Other competitions held during the three-day boat show… SEE MORE