Hang Together, by Peter Ralston

On the Coast, We All Hang Together

10/31/2012 - A very simple photograph, made over in Port Clyde. Really not much to it, yet when I saw this I thought immediately thought of Benjamin Franklin’s observation at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”… SEE MORE
Abandon, by Peter Ralston

Living For Today

9/19/2012 - I’m about to head to Newfoundland for ten days of cruising and exploring the southwest coast there. I just ran across this older photograph of mine and it has about it something of the spirit and feel that I anticipate finding up north there. I came across these abandoned pediments… SEE MORE
Family | New Work 2007 | open edition (17″ x 22″)

Meet the Family

8/29/2012 - It was Father’s Day, a few years back. My wife, Terri, was down in Texas and I had the day with my two kids. Friends invited us out to a little gem of an island in the bay for a picnic and it was, in all, a grand day. At… SEE MORE
Light by Peter Ralston

Capturing the Light on Boon Island

8/8/2012 - Years ago I was asked to shoot aerials of every lighthouse on the coast of Maine. I didn’t need to be asked twice on that one. This is Boon Island, over to the west of us, between Portland and the New Hampshire border. It stands on a ledge that’s only… SEE MORE
The Couple. Photograph by Peter Ralston

A Favorite Couple on Mount Desert Island

8/2/2012 - Terri and I attended a huge Fourth of July party a few years back up Somes Sound on Mount Desert Island. Major fireworks, Reba McIntyre singing, a big deal and quite the evening. After the festivities we headed off on Raven to a nearby island where another friend has a… SEE MORE
The Bay | Sightings | limited edition (17″ x 22″)

High Above Penobscot Bay

7/19/2012 - Simplicity itself, yet this is a quiet favorite of mine. Flying back from an outer island a few years back I was entranced by the spectacle of soaring above outer Penobscot Bay, arguably America’s greatest bay. Absent the noise of the plane’s engine and the roar of wind as I… SEE MORE
From The Graves | New Work 2012 | 17″ x 22″

Explosive View from The Graves

7/11/2012 - Last week, I fulfilled a three or four year fantasy of stranding myself on a tiny ledge 1.5 nautical miles off Camden. The purpose: to give myself a rock-steady platform upon which to set my tripod and make a few “different” photographs of the 4th of July show, delayed by… SEE MORE

Portrait of the Artist in Port Clyde

7/4/2012 - Down in Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania, the lovely town on the banks of the Brandywine River where I grew up, Andrew Wyeth’s studio is now open to the public for the first time. Andy died in January of 2009 and, in a funny way this opening of the inner sanctum is… SEE MORE
The Wave | New Work 2008 | open edition (17" x 22")

Me and The Wave

6/14/2012 - A couple of years back I ran Raven downeast on the coast of Maine to Schoodic Point, on the far side of Frenchman Bay, just east of Mount Desert Island. On this particular day the sea was like glass, yet under the serene surface there was a sea running, big… SEE MORE
Memorial Day 2012 | New Work | 17" x 22"

Memorial Day on the Bridge in Rockport

6/6/2012 - This is really nothing more than just one visual reason why I love where I live — and work — as much as I do. The Memorial Day parade out in front of the gallery is one of the Big Events of the year here in Rockport. I am blessed… SEE MORE