The American Goldfinch

New Arrivals at Petit Manan Point

9/15/2012 - The north winds that we have been anticipating indeed arrived, and with them a moderate influx of migrating birds to our area. The American Goldfinch is a common backyard bird, and if you’ve kept feeders you’ve likely had some good views of these beautiful birds. This male is currently molting… SEE MORE
Great-crested Flycatcher

At Petit Manan Point, Seabirds Have Become Songbirds

8/31/2012 - Here at the Petit Manan Point National Wildlife Refuge bird banding station we are very excited to have just begun our third season of migratory landbird monitoring. Since 2010 the station has banded over 5,000 individual birds of seventy-five different species, most of which are making their annual fall journey… SEE MORE
An Arctic Tern chick from one of the provisioning nests

A Gift For All: The Seabird Colony on Petit Manan

8/7/2012 - From the beginning of May to the beginning of August, researchers gather together to collect data of various kinds on selected species. In our case, those species include Terns (Common, Arctic and Roseate), Alcids (Atlantic Puffins, Black Guillemots and Razorbills), Common Eiders and Storm Petrels. Days on the islands vary… SEE MORE
Over the past few weeks, the chicks on Ship Island have been going from this...

Meet Ship Island’s First Fabulous Fledgers

7/25/2012 - It’s only been a few short weeks, but the first few tern chicks on Ship Island are already taking to the sky. Although adult terns may make flying seem effortless, a chick has a lot to do and learn before its first flight. First off, you can’t fly without feathers.… SEE MORE
Puffin chick!

Checking on the Puffins of Petit Manan

7/17/2012 - One of our most exciting endeavors on this lovely seabird island is monitoring the Alcid burrows around the perimeter of the island. Alcidae is a family of seabirds that includes Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, and Black Guillemots, all of which breed here on Petit Manan. Unlike the terns that lay their… SEE MORE
There are 4 Terns, 1 Razorbill, and 3 Least Sandpipers in this view from the blind!

Seabird Scene Improves at Brother’s Islands

7/12/2012 - Things have been looking up for the seabirds at the Brother’s Islands lately! Events have taken a Tern for the better with the arrival of a new Common Tern pair and their egg. For the past several days now a new pair of terns have taken up residence in the… SEE MORE
Albert, a brand-new guillemot born on Brother's Island, looking for a fight!

Coastal Species Spotlight: Black Guillemots

6/28/2012 - The predominant object of our daily attention here on Petit Manan is the tern colony, and with just under 2,000 nest sites this year they do keep us busy. But, in honor of the many other avian residents who call Petit Manan their breeding home, today we are very happy… SEE MORE
Two Common terns perched on the granite rocks of Petit Manan.

Petit Manan Avian Census Results

6/26/2012 - During the first few weeks of the seabird field season the number of avian residents on Petit Manan is relatively low. Just two field technicians anxiously awaiting the arrival of a seabird colony. And then it happens, slowly at first but with increasing momentum, the nesting residents begin to descend… SEE MORE

Jonathan Seagull, Meet Reginald Studpants McArthur

6/18/2012 - While our sister restoration islands team with clouds of countless terns, the “colony” at Eastern Brothers Island is a little more subdued. Meet Reginald Studpants McArthur, the affectionately named sole resident of our Common Tern colony. For the past few years, Reggie has made his home among the harem of… SEE MORE
Our little seal pup, formally dubbed Quinton.

An Unexpected Guest on the Brothers Islands

6/6/2012 - Hello again from the Brothers. Since our last post we have had a very special visitor, an adorable young harbor seal pup. This young pup we found one morning stranded in the cove that connects Eastern to Western Brother’s Island. It is not unusual to see harbor seals from Western… SEE MORE