Burr Brothers Boats will now be offering new Boston Whaler powerboats in Marion, through an affiliation with Nauset Marine.

Perfect Partnership: Burr Bros, Nauset, and Boston Whaler

7/9/2013 - Some partnerships seem like they were just meant to happen. That’s certainly the case with the recent affiliation of three of Massachusetts' best-loved companies: Burr Brothers Boats, Nauset Marine, and Boston Whaler. Now, for the first time, Burr Brothers is joining forces with Nauset to offer new Boston Whaler powerboats… SEE MORE
The new Nauset 25 Walk-Around Pilot House was designed for commuting to the islands around Bermuda.

Nauset Launches 25′ Walk-Around Pilot House Yacht

11/13/2012 - Nauset Marine has unveiled the new “Nauset 25 walk-around pilot house.” Initially created to the requirements of a customer in Bermuda, this new yacht was designed for commuting from the smaller islands in Hamilton Harbor to the mainland and for inter-island weekend cruising. The Nauset 25 Walk-Around Pilot House can… SEE MORE

Storm Scenes: Hurricane Sandy Washes Onto Cape Cod

10/30/2012 - Hurricane Sandy brought some high winds and a whole lot of water to Cape Cod on October 29. Here are some scenes of the high tide at Nauset Marine's marina just off Pleasant Bay. We're glad to say that since these photos were taken, the water has already receded and… SEE MORE
Moving a Nauset 25 to the assembly shop for final touches. Quite a difference from start of the boat to finish!

What It Takes to Build a Great Boat: The Nauset 25

9/24/2012 - For many people, what it takes to put a quality-built boat together can be a mystery. Here's a slideshow of what it takes the crew at Nauset Marine to put a Nauset 25 together, from initial molds to final details. Hopefully this helps explain all the work that goes into… SEE MORE
The crew at Nauset Marine has given a tired 1969 Boston Whaler Katama a new lease on life.

New Life for a Classic Old Whaler

7/9/2012 - The crew at Nauset Marine was recently asked to do a complete refit of a 1969 Boston Whaler Katama, one of the true classics in the line of vintage Whalers. As you can see from these photographs, the boat has been completely reborn, ready for another forty years of zipping… SEE MORE
Sporting its new drop-down tailgate that will allow its owner to set more traps, Susan Lynn leaves Nauset Marine.

Provincetown Lobsterboat Gets a Drop-Down Tailgate

3/29/2012 - Nauset Marine recently installed an aluminum transom tailgate on a customer’s 36-foot lobsterboat, Susan Lynn. The boat, a Calvin Beal design built two years ago by Sargent’s Custom Boats in Milbridge, Maine, was in the Nauset shop for about a month while crews completed the modification and performed other significant… SEE MORE