Hoi An designed by Stephens Waring

The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design

22/2/2019 - The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design The key to a successful SOT design (that is short for Spirit of Tradition) is to set your sights on interpreting a specific vernacular, as they say in traditional architecture. And never take your eye off that design ball. Whether it’s a slavish… SEE MORE
Island Packet 349 Midsize Cruiser

Island Packet 349 Named Domestic Boat of the Year

13/2/2019 - Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. In a resounding return to national prominence after a change of ownership that resulted in a few seasons of sitting on the sidelines, Island Packet Yachts has returned, and in a big way. Its comeback boat, the 37-foot-10-inch Island… SEE MORE
Going courtesy of Peter Ralston

Taking Better Photographs on the Water

11/2/2019 - Certain environments lend themselves as better photographic subjects than others. The waterfront is one such environment, whether it's the vast oceans, calm bays, lazy rivers or busy harbors. So the next time you find yourself and your camera on the waterfront—at a marina, pier or shoreline, follow a few simple… SEE MORE