On Board the ELLEN J.

Historic Oystering Images from South Norwalk

11/27/2012 - These circa-1950 harbor scenes from South Norwalk depict the small fleet of Captain Fred Lovejoy, an oyster fisherman, and are taken from the Atlantic Fisherman collection at the Penobscot Marine Museum. Atlantic Fisherman was a well-respected fisheries publication originally based in Boston; by the time these photos were taken, the… SEE MORE

RI Striper Fishing Turns Spotty, but Hotspots Remain

11/24/2012 - This is the time of year where you just never know what to expect. Most fishermen have given up on the oceanfront, as there has been almost no one fishing all week. Earlier in the week, my son Ben called me from the oceanfront. He was out fishing and tried… SEE MORE
Canadian Myrtle Stuart Mitchell with her boat in Eastport for the 4th of July festivities,1924.

A Real Daughter of the Sea’ in Eastport

11/20/2012 - “A real daughter of the sea,” Mrs. Myrtle Stuart Mitchell “was brought up on the salt water, handles a fishing boat like a man. She can sail ‘em, run the engine and lay her course with the best of them. And she boxes the compass as fast as she can… SEE MORE
Sunset over the Pleasant River in South Addison.

Enjoying a Rare November Warmup in Downeast Maine

11/13/2012 - The temperature soared into the low 60s on November 12 in Washington County, a very rare and welcome change in the temperature for the middle of November. Fishermen in Bucks Harbor walked the docks in short sleeves as they counted their daily catch and wiped the gathering sweat off their… SEE MORE
The Galilee parking lot was closed Nov. 6, and yet was perfectly clear.

Access, Parking Still Problematic for RI Fishermen

11/7/2012 - As of right now, don't waste your time and gas heading to RI's south shore to fish. You'll be very frustrated with closed roads, access, and parking problems, all of which have not been straightened out since the hurricane. It's been a very slow response to get the beachfront parking… SEE MORE
A snapper blue I landed in upper Narragansett Bay on a bucktail jig.

Bay Fishing Returns, But RI Oceanfront Still a Mess

11/4/2012 - I am back to fishing saltwater. I got out on Friday and hit a number of places in upper Narragansett Bay, an area that received little damage from the hurricane. The water in the Bay was clean in most places, though there was some debris like leaves, sticks and trash… SEE MORE
Hang Together, by Peter Ralston

On the Coast, We All Hang Together

10/31/2012 - A very simple photograph, made over in Port Clyde. Really not much to it, yet when I saw this I thought immediately thought of Benjamin Franklin’s observation at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”… SEE MORE
A nice 20-pound common carp I landed during Hurricane Sandy.

Yes, I Was Out Fishing During Hurricane Sandy

10/30/2012 - Yes, I was out fishing on Monday, but it was not for stripers. Fishing anywhere along saltwater on October 29 was simply impossible today due to the enormous surf, high tides, wild winds, and closed roads. As most of you know, I have made a career out of fishing in… SEE MORE