Jesse Leach heads upriver to his oyster farm.

Oysters, Surprising Protector of the Bagaduce River

29/3/2012 - Native Americans called this place matchebiguatus, which means place where there is no safe harbor. They were referring to the currents and tidal flats and rocks and reversing falls of the Bagaduce River and Northern Bay. Depending on the tide, the river surges one way or the other beneath Route… SEE MORE
Buck's Harbor is a beautiful and wild place, where rocky islands guard the rough waters of Machias Bay.

Savoring the Quiet Around Machias

29/3/2012 - Maine's Washington County is the place where the term Downeast becomes less of a myth and more of a reality. Towns like Cutler, Jonesport, and Lubec sit perched on the bold cliffs over the rough waters of the Atlantic. The lobster boats outnumber pleasure craft, and the working man outnumbers… SEE MORE
Scanning the bottom under headlamps, the dip netters watch closely. In the darkness, it's mesmerizing to watch the elver netters

Opening Night of Elver Season

23/3/2012 - “JAYSUS! You scared the shit out of me!” the irate woman with a dip net scolded me. I was afraid that might happen, I said as I apologized. With no flashlight or moonlight yet, I’d quietly made my way down the rocks and across the mud flats to get closer… SEE MORE
A close-up view of the elvers. Photo by Hannah Webber.

Maine’s “Glass Eel” Fishery Opens

22/3/2012 - Beginning today, March 22, the shores of Maine's tidal streams will become ragged with fyke nets, mesh mouths open wide to the sea, hoping to funnel migrating elvers into their holds. An elver is a baby American eel, Latin name Anguilla rostrata. They hatch somewhere in the Sargasso Sea near… SEE MORE
The wild coastal landscape that blankets so much of Washington county is evident in Steuben's winding and rocky shores.

Thawing Out from a Maine Winter in Steuben

22/3/2012 - Spring is officially here, thank god. Even though this winter was rather mild, it still feels incredible when that first prolonged blast of warm air settles over Maine's small coastal towns and villages. If you are lucky enough to live on the coast, you know what this feeling is like.… SEE MORE
The new Maine Seafood Guide provides information on Maine seafood species, a guide to fishing methods and gear, and more.

New Maine Seafood Guide Debuts

21/3/2012 - I am delighted to announce the launch of the new Maine Seafood Guide, which provides information on Maine seafood species, a guide to fishing methods and gear, and more. This is the only Maine-specific reference for Maine seafood. I identified the need for such a resource while working on an… SEE MORE