Winter | Sightings | limited edition (17" x 22")

Winters Past

16/2/2012 - Maybe twenty-five years ago I was driving down around Owl’s Head, just south of Rockland, when I saw this. It pretty much says it all about winter in “old” Maine. Aren’t too many pumps left in front yards, and you sure don’t see too much cod hung out to dry… SEE MORE
A freshly shucked sea scallop with roe. Photo by D. Morse/Maine Sea Grant.

Understanding the Science, Industry Behind Scallop Fishing

15/2/2012 - The nearshore sea scallop fishery in Maine state waters has fluctuated over the years and declined recently. Scallops still thrive in Cobscook Bay, where harvesters collected them by hand (SCUBA diving, hence the descriptor "diver-caught" or just "diver scallop”) and by dredge. Dredge and trawl are the primary methods of… SEE MORE

Scalloping for a Living; a Dangerous Pursuit

14/2/2012 - Scallop diving is dangerous business, make no mistake about it. Divers plunge into the icy waters of down east Maine, sometimes sixty to seventy feet down, all while the water temperature sits in the mid 30’s and the winter winds howl above the oceans choppy surface. It’s dangerous alright, but… SEE MORE
An old sardine shack stands in front of the bridge to Campobello Island in Lubec.

As Far Down East As You Can Get: Lubec

8/2/2012 - East of anywhere, the town of Lubec has a frontier-like quality to it, especially in the middle of a Maine winter. Standing on the town dock, you can look right across to Campobello Island and up the mouth of Cobscook Bay to Canada and the islands of New Brunswick. On… SEE MORE

NOAA Doubles Gulf of Maine Winter Flounder Catch Limits

8/2/2012 - NOAA announced today that it is doubling the amount of Gulf of Maine winter flounder commercial fishermen can catch from almost 510,000 pounds to more than 1.1 million pounds for the current fishing season, which ends April 30. New scientific information shows that overfishing is no longer occurring on this… SEE MORE
A fishing pier in Milbridge, home to clammers and lobstermen alike.

Pulling a Living from the Mud in Milbridge

19/1/2012 - His name is Richard Stanwood, his profession is clamming, and his home is Milbridge. A stout fifty-four-year-old who has been raking the local mudflats since he was 7, Stanwood wouldn’t have it any other way. “I was born right here in this town, over there on my kitchen table,” he… SEE MORE
Corea Harbor, circa 1910. Rise of gas engines still over a decade away. Probably a seine boat at left

Scenes of Corea’s Steadfast Working Waterfront

6/1/2012 - Corea Harbor has not succumbed to the decline of Maine's working waterfronts, with a lobster fishery that thrives to this day (the Corea Lobster Co-op was founded in 1970). This tiny town, which today boasts a population of around 330, is located on the Schoodic Peninsula near Prospect Harbor. Corea… SEE MORE