It seems that the stripers have taken to the rough water currently pummeling the RI shoreline.

Stripers Move Into Rough Rhode Island Water

9/21/2012 - Conditions along the oceanfront have been very rough the last few days as the big storm from a few days ago departed and a strong northeast wind developed in its wake. The rocky shores along Gansett were taking a pounding yesterday. Yet, if you could find clean water, you could… SEE MORE
A wooden egg float is key to building a deadly target for false albacore.

How to Fool False Albacore

9/19/2012 - Albie fever has been gripping the Rhode Island shoreline recently, with record numbers of them around and record numbers of fishermen trying. A week ago was spectacular, with acres and acres of bay anchovies, miles of false albacore busting, rampaging schools of blues, and stripers along the rocks. Now, it… SEE MORE

Albacore Insanity as Blitz Hits Narragansett Shore

9/16/2012 - Call it insanity. I went down to Gansett to meet my sons for a day of shore fishing thinking a couple of bluefish would be great on this beautiful summer day. Instead, we hit the jackpot as an all-day blitz of albies and blues lit up the shoreline for miles.… SEE MORE

Shore Fishing Lights Up In Rhode Island

9/14/2012 - We know that the boat fishing along the oceanfront in the last few days has been phenomenal from what I have been writing about. Well, I can also tell you that the shore fishing has also lit up in the last few days. It is all being fueled by huge… SEE MORE

Stripers, Albies, Blues: The Fall Run Is Here!

9/13/2012 - Today was the best day I have ever experienced in fishing for false albacore here in Rhode Island. I went out with my brother in his boat in the morning. My son, Ben, later joined us in the afternoon. The false albacore were EVERYWHERE we went. For miles they were… SEE MORE
My first False Albacore of the season, and hopefully not the last!

False Albacore Have Arrived In Rhode Island

9/10/2012 - I had been hearing rumors about false albacore here and there along the Rhode Island coastline, but I hadn't actually seen one until Sunday, September 9. My brother Steve and I went out in his boat in some big rollers and found good numbers of false albacore tearing up the… SEE MORE

Hopeful Signs for Better Fishing In RI

9/4/2012 - I 'm guessing we have turned the corner on the worst summer fishing for stripers that many of us have ever seen on the mainland shore here in Rhode Island. I got out twice this weekend. Although I hate going down on these crowded holiday weekends, I had to move… SEE MORE