Saltwater License-Free Fishing Day September 7th, 2019

26/8/2019 - By Rebecca Barry. Try your hand at saltwater fishing Saturday, Sept. 7, without needing a saltwater fishing license. License-free fishing days are a great way for Florida residents and visitors to get out on the water and find out why Florida is known as the Fishing Capital of the World.… SEE MORE
How to Use Fishfinder Features

Fishing 101: How to Use Fishfinder Features

20/7/2019 - By Jim Hendricks. While trolling for tuna 30 miles ¬≠offshore, all crewmembers scanned the water, ready to sing out at the first sign of feeding fish or bird activity at the surface. Meanwhile, a virtual crewmember was looking downward: our fish finder, pinging away, ready to sing out when the… SEE MORE