Rising Seas Swallow $403 Million in New England Home Values

2/4/2019 - Data scientists from First Street Foundation and Columbia University have expanded their peer-reviewed housing market research to include 2.5 million coastal properties in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island and found that increased tidal flooding caused by sea level rise has eroded $403.1 million in relative home values between… SEE MORE
Key West, Florida

Unique Harbors Around the US

2/1/2019 - In honor of the Best Harbors 2019 contest we wanted to share a few of our nominees who are known for being the most, best or least…the southernmost, northernmost, largest, smallest, foggiest, most successful and the busiest. Southernmost Harbor in the US mainland: Key West, Florida As part of the… SEE MORE
Water fun at the Lowcountry Maritime Society

Doing Good Work for Coastal Communities

10/31/2018 - Getting out on the water, whether in a powerboat, sailboat, canoe or paddleboard, is something we all love to do. How did you get started? Was there someone who showed you just how much fun it could be? Not all kids are fortunate enough to have an opportunity like that.… SEE MORE

Best Beach Towns for 2018

7/12/2018 - It's mid-July, and if you haven't been to a beach yet, chances are you're thinking about it. But where to go? Where is the best beach near you? What makes it better than the rest? Weather, house prices, crime rate, restaurants and more are all factored in to a report… SEE MORE
Grayton Beach Coastal Dune Lake

Top 3 beach communities in South Walton Beach, Florida

5/29/2018 - On the Emerald Coast of Florida in the northern Panhandle lies a beautiful place called South Walton Beach. (nearest Harbor: Destin, FL) It's a beautiful coastline lined with primarily single-family homes and low-rise condominiums (under 50 feet tall). The sand along the beaches of South Walton is fluffy white and… SEE MORE