A Pool Barn on Rockport Harbor

Reflections: Creating a Pool Barn on Rockport Harbor

9/3/2013 - When I was asked to design a building, just for fun, around a swimming pool on Rockport Harbor, I couldn’t wait to get started with a computer mouse, and a hammer. I’m a design builder. These days, ideas fly like the wind between designers and clients. That is, if you’re… SEE MORE
Isle Au Haut ahead!

Isle Au Haut, a Unique Island

18/2/2013 - “Isle Au Haut ahead!” Not an unusual phrase on our boat. Pronounced, “i-la-HO”, the island's name was coined by French navigator Samuel Champlain in 1604. The English translation is, “High Island”. And that’s accurate. From most anywhere on wide outer Penobscot Bay, Isle Au Haut’s impressive hills dwarf all other… SEE MORE
Watching the blizzard from this side of an ancient window was a pleasure. An old house is the best foul weather gear.

The Blizzard of 2013 in Rockport

10/2/2013 - What a great storm the blizzard of 2013 was to watch from Rockport. Many of us, if we're prepared, enjoy a good storm. It's like reaching a safe harbor before an approaching storm. I hope everyone rode it out safely. SEE MORE
A refuge from winter on Great Wass Island.

The Many Shapes of Home on the Maine Coast

21/12/2012 - "Home for the Holidays" is a phrase that can have many meanings. On the eastern coast of Maine, there are so many forms of dwellings, it's hard to keep track of them all. I have seen enormous and elegant cottages in Northeast Harbor and small oceanside camps made entirely of… SEE MORE
Baker's Bar

Knickerbocker Group Designer Wins Grand Prize

4/12/2012 - Elaine Murdoch, CMKBD (Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer) won the grand prize — Best Overall Design — in the Maine Chapter National Kitchen and Bath Association design contest in late November. The award-winning kitchen design was part of a major renovation project in northern Maine completed by the Knickerbocker… SEE MORE