How you can make a difference along the coast

Giving Tuesday (and all year round)

27/11/2018 - Today is Giving Tuesday, a day where we are encouraged to donate to the non-profits and charities of our choice. There are, however, other ways we can give back to the things that we care most about, and it's not just limited to one day a year. For those that… SEE MORE
Red sky at night...

Predicting Proverbs: Weather lore for the sea and more

7/11/2018 - For those who live, work and play on the sea, the weather can affect every decision. Being able to accurately see what the weather holds can sometimes be the difference between life and death. So, it makes sense that finding the right idiom, poem or mnemonic to assess the conditions… SEE MORE
Schoodic Point.

Changing Light On The Maine Coast

6/11/2018 - The Maine Coast is beautiful in all seasons, and in all times of the day. The light changes constantly, providing a scenic backdrop that is never quite the same. In the last year, my trusty Nikon has provided me with ample evidence of the light and its magical unpredictability. SEE MORE