Humpback whale, Infinity

Another Great Show During a Sunset Whale Watch

7/5/2012 - Our cetacean friends put on an incredible show during the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies' sunset whale watch on June 30, giving us all plenty of breaching, tail-slapping, and fin displays to keep us busy all evening. Here are a few shots from this memorable evening, all shot by our… SEE MORE
Seal Island, part of the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Tropical Visitor At Home On Seal Island

7/3/2012 - A rare bird indeed has taken up residence on Maine's outer islands. A red-billed tropicbird, usually a West Coast and Caribbean breeder, has called Seal Island and Matinicus Rock home for the past few summers. The island interns from both seabird restoration islands, part of the Maine Coastal Islands National… SEE MORE
Albert, a brand-new guillemot born on Brother's Island, looking for a fight!

Coastal Species Spotlight: Black Guillemots

6/28/2012 - The predominant object of our daily attention here on Petit Manan is the tern colony, and with just under 2,000 nest sites this year they do keep us busy. But, in honor of the many other avian residents who call Petit Manan their breeding home, today we are very happy… SEE MORE
With a light westerly breeze blowing, Padanaram Harbor is a tranquil place on an early summer morning.

Enjoying a Summer Morning in Padanaram

6/28/2012 - Between the America's Cup World Series in Newport, the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, and the OpSail event in Boston, these days it seems like practically every harbor has a major boating event taking place. Which made it all that much more delightful to visit Padanaram Harbor, in South Dartmouth, recently… SEE MORE
Under stormy skies in Bucks Harbor.

Under Stormy Skies in Brooksville and Bucks Harbor

6/27/2012 - Brooksville is a quiet town made up of peaceful villages where cozy inlets lead to wide meadows. Towering trees guard the surrounding coastline like a small army of spruce-clad warriors. In South Brooksville, Bucks Harbor leads to the clear waters of Eggemoggin Reach. Cape Rosier juts out into Penobscot Bay,… SEE MORE
Two Common terns perched on the granite rocks of Petit Manan.

Petit Manan Avian Census Results

6/26/2012 - During the first few weeks of the seabird field season the number of avian residents on Petit Manan is relatively low. Just two field technicians anxiously awaiting the arrival of a seabird colony. And then it happens, slowly at first but with increasing momentum, the nesting residents begin to descend… SEE MORE

Report: New England States Warming Fastest

6/26/2012 - Well. I'm not surprised by this news story that says Rhode Island is the fastest warming state in the United States. Here is the quote: "A new report from Climate Central, a research and public outreach program, says global warming is causing some states to heat up faster than others.… SEE MORE
A quiet floating dwelling with a Huck Finn architecture.

Pondering a More Lasting Presence on the Coast

6/20/2012 - Perry Creek is a favorite anchorage of ours. As we rounded the little island off Hopkins Point leading into the creek this year, I was more than a little surprised to see a houseboat moored far inside the slender anchorage. Perry Creek is unique in many ways. It’s a popular… SEE MORE