A Northeaster, though not a named storm like a hurricane, can be a big, dangerous storm.

Planning for Summer Means Planning for Storms

31/3/2012 - If you're like most sailors, April finds you making plans for the boating season ahead. You're probably scouring the charts and deciding which favorite harbors to visit this year, and which new destinations to plug into the GPS. I learned the hard way, though, that in addition to these dreamy… SEE MORE
Wind Map, a slick new online tool to see wind patterns nationwide.

New Toy for Weather Junkies: Wind Map

29/3/2012 - We've said it before, and we'll say it again: We are weather junkies. We love anything that helps us better understand the conditions around us, and the latest online gadget looks like one that will be fun to stare at for hours on end. We discovered Wind Map through an… SEE MORE
Jesse Leach heads upriver to his oyster farm.

Oysters, Surprising Protector of the Bagaduce River

29/3/2012 - Native Americans called this place matchebiguatus, which means place where there is no safe harbor. They were referring to the currents and tidal flats and rocks and reversing falls of the Bagaduce River and Northern Bay. Depending on the tide, the river surges one way or the other beneath Route… SEE MORE
Buck's Harbor is a beautiful and wild place, where rocky islands guard the rough waters of Machias Bay.

Savoring the Quiet Around Machias

29/3/2012 - Maine's Washington County is the place where the term Downeast becomes less of a myth and more of a reality. Towns like Cutler, Jonesport, and Lubec sit perched on the bold cliffs over the rough waters of the Atlantic. The lobster boats outnumber pleasure craft, and the working man outnumbers… SEE MORE
Spring | Sightings | limited edition 17" x 22"

Spring, Nature’s Sweetest Blessing

28/3/2012 - Well, here it comes — Nature’s sweetest blessing. The kiss of more light and balmy temperatures. And winds that caress, not cut. Here the drear of a winter that stayed too long — the upturned boat on the shore, the desiccated Queen Anne’s Lace, the grey sky, the drained cove,… SEE MORE