Lemonade for terns

Lemonade for Terns – A Child Helps Save Seabirds

8/9/2012 - We received this heartfelt letter and drawing in the mail today, along with a check: "My name is Aubrey Elmore, and I am 6 years old. On July 19th, I read in the Bangor Daily News that all 1,400 terns nesting on Metinic abandoned the island. It made me feel… SEE MORE
An Arctic Tern chick from one of the provisioning nests

A Gift For All: The Seabird Colony on Petit Manan

8/7/2012 - From the beginning of May to the beginning of August, researchers gather together to collect data of various kinds on selected species. In our case, those species include Terns (Common, Arctic and Roseate), Alcids (Atlantic Puffins, Black Guillemots and Razorbills), Common Eiders and Storm Petrels. Days on the islands vary… SEE MORE
The boardwalk across Mill Creek is something no visitor to Sandwich should miss.

Sandwich: A Little Town as Great as Its Name

8/6/2012 - If most visitors to Cape Cod are anything like me, then they probably get a kick out of hearing there is town in the area called Sandwich. Looking at a map when I first arrived I had to laugh, and subsequently make a few bad jokes, “I wonder if they… SEE MORE
Buzzards Bay Coalition is Offering an Adventure to Penikese Island

A Buzzards Bay Adventure to Penikese Island

8/6/2012 - Ever dreamed of exploring a tiny, largely uninhabited island in the middle of Buzzards Bay? The Buzzards Bay Coalition is offering a one-day Bay Adventure to Penikese Island, located just off Cuttyhunk. Participants on this full-day excursion will get the opportunity to explore this beautiful island, and planned activities include… SEE MORE
Atlantic puffin

Seabird Season Winding Down

7/31/2012 - Have you sailed around any of the seabird nesting islands this summer for a glimpse of the famous Atlantic puffin? Time is of essence, do not delay! We are seeing signs that summer is over for our nesting birds and the Refuge has started breaking down intern camps on Metinic… SEE MORE

Hundreds of Swimmers & Kayakers Cross Narragansett Bay

7/30/2012 - 447 swimmers and some 200 kayakers came out on Saturday, July 28, to participate in our largest annual fundraiser, making the 1.7-mile crossing from Coaster’s Harbor Island Beach at Naval Station Newport to Potter Cove in Jamestown. Narragansett Bay delivered great conditions for the thirty-sixth running of this annual event,… SEE MORE
Jamestown is just a couple of miles across the East Passage from busy Newport, but it can seem like a whole different world.

Jamestown: A Delightful Daytrip, or Much More

7/30/2012 - While yachtsmen have made Newport a destination for generations, too many of them are so focused on the City by the Sea that they overlook Jamestown, another great location that should be on every Narragansett Bay traveler's itinerary. Whether you come by car across the Claiborne Pell Bridge (make sure… SEE MORE