A bit of wintertime excavation at the Wayfarer Marine dinghy dock.

All In a Day’s Work: Dredging in Camden Harbor

2/15/2013 - Winters at most boatyards aren’t only set aside for maintenance and repairs on customers' boats. We also spend a lot of time maintaining the boatyard as well. This year’s major project at Wayfarer Marine was conducted by Prock Marine, based in Rockland. Over the past several years we’ve had some… SEE MORE
A true natural on the sands of Rouqe Bluffs.

It’s a Dog’s Life on the Coast

2/13/2013 - I noticed the Westminster Dog Show was on television the other night. It got me thinking of all the great dogs I have met while traveling the Maine coast. What these lucky dogs all have in common is that they live in Maine, of course! There is space for them… SEE MORE

Buzzards Bay Coalition Offers Family Nature Walks

2/5/2013 - Want to get the family outside during February vacation? Join the Buzzards Bay Coalition for a nature walk. During each of our walks, our Commonwealth Corps environmental educators will help families explore and learn about the local environment. We are offering three walks during the February break: - East Beach… SEE MORE
A stunning restored 1965 Meade iceboat on Chickawaukie Lake in Rockland.

When the Temps Drop, Diehard Sailors Hit the Ice

2/4/2013 - Midcoast Maine's hardwater sailors were out in force on Saturday as the fleet gathered on Chickawaukie Lake in Rockland. One of the boats included a beautiful example of an iceboat that belongs to John Eastman of Camden. It was "restored" by yacht builder and fellow hardwater sailor Bill Buchholz, also… SEE MORE
Teamwork is everything on the ocean.

Ending The Season In Port Clyde

1/31/2013 - For John Hall, longtime Port Clyde fisherman, it's about time to take a vacation. "Taking four weeks off," he says while piloting his boat past Hupper Island and out into Muscongus Bay. "Going back down to Florida, gonna play golf, cruise around, just relax." Hall fishes 800 traps, and on… SEE MORE
Low clouds over Wheeler Bay.

Winter’s Bite On Spruce Head Island

1/27/2013 - January means very cold temperatures on the coast of Maine, as evidenced by this past week's windchill values, which hovered between 0 and 25 below. This weather, while loathsome to some, excites me greatly! We are afforded an opportunity to see the extremes of mother nature. Ice and sea smoke… SEE MORE