Camden, Maine, where the mountains really do meet the sea.

Camden: A Full Appreciation

5/1/2012 - Camden is one of the most beautiful places on this earth, let alone on the Maine coast. I count it as a daily blessing that I can walk to the shores of Penobscot Bay, or hike the twisting trails of Camden Hills State Park. The light that hangs over the… SEE MORE
The Beginning | New Work 2004-2005 | open edition (17" x 22")

First Boat Out

4/25/2012 - I love the fact that from where I sit right now, warm, snug and dry on a dreary, wet, Maine April Sunday, I can lean forward and see the mouth of our harbor which is crowned by The Perfect Small Island, which has The Perfect Lighthouse on its southern point.… SEE MORE

North Atlantic Right Whales in Cape Cod Bay

4/24/2012 - These are just a few of the thousands of images taken by the Provincetown Center for Coastal StudiesProvincetown Center for Coastal Studies Aerial Survey team. These surveys monitor the number and location of right whales in Cape Cod Bay so that researchers can determine the health of the population and… SEE MORE
Flames on the north side of Lassell Island are visible from North Haven on April 14.

Even on Islands, Fire Danger Proves Real

4/17/2012 - We've all seen the fire danger warnings recently and heard the discussions about conditions being as dry as they are in the height of summer. But on an island on Penobscot Bay last weekend, the danger proved very real indeed, as a wildfire burned a significant portion of Lasell Island,… SEE MORE