Schoodic Point.

Changing Light On The Maine Coast

6/11/2018 - The Maine Coast is beautiful in all seasons, and in all times of the day. The light changes constantly, providing a scenic backdrop that is never quite the same. In the last year, my trusty Nikon has provided me with ample evidence of the light and its magical unpredictability. SEE MORE
One big wave

Amazing Facts about the Tide

31/10/2018 - Recently we posted nine of our favorite tide facts on social media, perhaps you saw them. We've collected them all together here, plus a few more as well. This list of facts was provided by Jonathan White, author of TIDES: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean. Find out more… SEE MORE
Water fun at the Lowcountry Maritime Society

Doing Good Work for Coastal Communities

31/10/2018 - Getting out on the water, whether in a powerboat, sailboat, canoe or paddleboard, is something we all love to do. How did you get started? Was there someone who showed you just how much fun it could be? Not all kids are fortunate enough to have an opportunity like that.… SEE MORE
Every small vessel needs complete identification attached to cockpit or inside cabin

Catting Around

17/10/2018 - Ever have the urge to run away for a few days? Well, a certain Sandpiper (Marshall Marine sailboat) from Barnegat Bay, NJ decided to do just that. She slipped off her mooring one night, taking off at the mercy of the wind and tide. The next day the anxious owner… SEE MORE
Monarch Butterflies

Top 5 North American migratory animals

3/10/2018 - Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus plexippus): Being the smallest animal on the list, it may seem unbelievable that these tiny winged insects cover the 3,000 mile distance from Canada to Mexico. The journey down the east coast that the butterflies take starts at the end of October. Not all make it… SEE MORE
Hurricane Florence on 9/13. Photo credit NOAA/GOES

Update on Hurricane Florence

19/9/2018 - Florence has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, but its effects are still potentially devastating as it moves inland, and the floodwater keeps rising. At least 40 inches of rain fell along the coast from Cape Fear to Cape Lookout. Florence is the wettest tropical cyclone to ever hit North… SEE MORE
Fox Islands Thorofare.

Late Summer On Penobscot Bay

17/9/2018 - Late Summer in Penobscot Bay is a special time. Every summer, I am fortunate enough to travel to the many islands and communities that comprise this spectacular stretch of saltwater. Nikon at the ready, and Lucy by my side, I have collected a few of my favorite memories. SEE MORE
Preparedness still key as more storms expected to develop

NOAA forecasters lower Atlantic hurricane season prediction

14/8/2018 - Conditions in the ocean and the atmosphere are conspiring to produce a less active Atlantic hurricane season than initially predicted in May, though NOAA and FEMA are raising caution as the season enters its peak months. “There are still more storms to come – the hurricane season is far from… SEE MORE