NOAA Storm Surge prediction of 3ft or more for the Southern New England coast

Understanding Storm Surge Key to Hurricane Prep

8/27/2011 - Though Hurricane Irene’s winds weakened slightly, to 75 knots, as the storm passed over North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the destructive power of Irene’s storm surge is already coming into full view. Maine looks like it’ll be spared the huge storm surges that are predicted for southern New England this weekend,… SEE MORE
The storm track prediction of Hurricane Irene by Storm Pulse

Hurricane Irene Takes Aim at East Coast

8/24/2011 - For many East Coast boaters, summer is about to experience an unpleasant interruption. Hurricane Irene, which as of the August 24 mid-afternoon report is up to a Class 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 knots, seems hell-bent on hitting the U.S. mainland harder than any storm has in several… SEE MORE
Lobster boats galore at the end of this double rainbow!

Double Rainbow Over Rockland Harbor

6/24/2011 - The evening before Rockland Harbor Lobster Boat Races, much of the fleet was nestled into the Public Landing for the night. A line of sharp showers moved across the harbor, and as they cleared out most amazing double rainbow ushered in clear, blustery weather for race day. Here's the view… SEE MORE
Choose your kit from a range of boards.  Photos courtesy Grain Surfboards

New England Surfers Learn to Build Their Own Boards

3/15/2011 - If surfers are a different breed, then New England surfers are a different species altogether. Who else would jump into swells that barely hit sixty degrees in July? (And of course the best waves are in the winter!) A couple of York, Maine, surfers decided to take their love of… SEE MORE