Reaching up Blue Hill Bay, with the village's namesake promontory visible in the distance.

Reaching for Beautiful Blue Hill

10/28/2011 - On most of our visits to Blue Hill, we’ve sailed there, on the wind’s invitation. If we are sailing in the area with time on our hands, and the wind is blowing southwesterly to west, we’ll trim up our reaching sails and disappear into peaceful Blue Hill Bay. A beautiful… SEE MORE
Photo courtesy of Annapolis Harbormaster J.P. "Flip" Walters

Harbormaster Debuts Hybrid Patrol and Pumpout Boats

10/15/2011 - Harbormasters aren’t usually the types of people who sneak up on you. They’re usually the jovial ones in the harbor, catching your lines, welcoming you, and letting you know where to pick up provisions and a pint. But in Annapolis, Maryland, J.P. “Flip” Walters isn’t your normal harbormaster — and these… SEE MORE
Photo courtesy NOAA.

Scientists Investigate Spike in New England Seal Pup Deaths

10/7/2011 - The appearance of more than five dozen dead harbor seal pups along the New England coastline in the past two weeks has sent scientists into labs across the country to determine what is causing the sudden increase in mortality. As of the morning of October 7, the bodies of sixty-six… SEE MORE