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High Tide Flooding Outlook for October 2023

10/2/2023 by Anastasia Fischer

By US Harbors. Coastal Flooding Predictions for October 2023 NOAA is predicting extreme tides at the end of October in many locations around the country, especially the eastern seaboard. While only Fort Pulaski, GA is predicted to “likely” flood this month, there are many harbors where high tide flooding is… SEE MORE

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How To: Cold-Weather Seamanship

9/27/2023 by Param Bhatia

By Nine tips for boating in cold weather. The weather may have cooled, but the passion to continue boating burns bright for many. Once fall sets in for good, the skies get bluer, the air gets crisper, and the crowds get thinner. Use these tips to maintain personal safety… SEE MORE