www.rodjonesphotography.co.uk, CC BY 2.0 , www.rodjonesphotography.co.uk, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons via Wikimedia Commons

How Many Rod Holders Does a Boat Need?

1/29/2023 by Sanghamitra Sanghamitra

By www.saltwatersportsman.com More rod holders are better, but is there a point when enough is enough? woman_fishing_with_rod_holder via Wikimedia Commons Some modern fishing boats have fishing rod holders lining the gunwales from stem to stern, and others come with a mere two in the stern. Which begs the question: Just… SEE MORE

NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, CC BY-SA 2.0 , Quagga_mussels_8741745802 via Wikimedia Commons

How to Keep Your Vessel and Waters Clean of Invasive Species

1/25/2023 by Sanghamitra Sanghamitra

By www.thelog.com Albert Bridge / Zebra mussels sign Invasive species such as mussels can attach to boats and hinder performance and your boat’s life, end up in engine-cooling components, causing failure, and obstruct water lines causing system failure and costing the boat owner lot to repair. Here are tips, steps,… SEE MORE

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