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High Tide Flooding Outlook for October 2023

10/2/2023 by Anastasia Fischer

By US Harbors. Coastal Flooding Predictions for October 2023 NOAA is predicting extreme tides at the end of October in many locations around the country, especially the eastern seaboard. While only Fort Pulaski, GA is predicted to “likely” flood this month, there are many harbors where high tide flooding is… SEE MORE


Monitoring Marine Life--In Close to Real-Time--with eDNA Sensors

9/28/2023 by Param Bhatia

By An optical sensor smaller than a postage stamp could help coastal communities monitor some of the world’s largest marine protected areas. On a warm day this spring, an airplane carrying Stanford experimental physicist Halleh Balch touched down on the island nation of Palau in the Western Pacific as a brewing… SEE MORE