Image Courtesy of James Vile.

News from Our Coasts: February 2021

2/19/2021 by US Harbors

NEWS & UPDATES FOR FEBRUARY Updates from US Harbors News & Virtual Events from Our Partners Updates from Our Coastal Business Community Photos of the Month   Updates from US Harbors Just in time for Whale Week, a new species of Baleen Whale was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico.… SEE MORE

Dam Removals Benefit Public Safety, Fish Migration

2/10/2021 by US Harbors

After more than a decade of planning, the removal of the Upper and Lower Sawyer Mill Dams in Dover, New Hampshire, is complete. This NOAA-supported project has reopened river habitat for migratory fish and protected the residents of nearby apartments from flood risks associated with the two dams. The Upper… SEE MORE

2021 Fishing Season Forecast - ONLINE

March 18 @ 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

The industry is preparing for a second busy summer season in the shade of the pandemic, changing strategies for coping with highly infectious strains, vaccines, and a covid-dominated marketplace. What does this mean for fishermen, operators and processors? Will these factors change the way we fish and how we deliver… SEE MORE