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Protect Your Catch, Protect Your Crew: A Guide to Commercial Fishing Safety

4/9/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Megan Waldrep. A fisherman’s personality generally equates to a sense of adventure, a love of the outdoors, and the drive to create new opportunities for wealth through strategy and well-gained knowledge. Part of that knowledge is having the tools to survive in an emergency. The safety of commercial fishermen… SEE MORE


What’s In a Fish’s Name?

4/8/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Katarina Zimmer. Indigenous people processed the fishes’ oily flesh into preservatives, medicine, and food. When dried, the fish could even be ignited and used as candles, hence the English names “oilfish” and “candlefish.” Some Haida communities in what is now British Columbia obtained hum (eulachon oil) or saaw (dried and smoked eulachon) in… SEE MORE