W.carter, CC0, Fisherman_cleaning_lobster_traps_in_Norra_Grundsund_2-1.via Wikimedia Commons

How to Clean Your Boat Using Non-Toxic Solutions

1/17/2023 by Sanghamitra Sanghamitra

By dbw.parks.ca.gov Simple household alternatives to boat cleaning and maintenance products Istock: Credits: NOAA Whether you clean your boat in the water or on land, boat cleaning products may end up in your local waterway. The products you purchase to clean and maintain your boat can have an adverse effect… SEE MORE

EncMstr, CC BY-SA 3.0 ,windsurfers via Wikimedia Commons

New Sailing Speed Records are Being Set

12/30/2022 by Sanghamitra Sanghamitra

By stephenswaring.com The Need for Speed Last week, on the hot dry sands of Australia’s remote Lake Gairdner, something incredible happened. On a 46.2-foot-long, 4-wheeled, carbon-fiber land-yacht called Horonuku, Glenn Ashby and Team New Zealand set a breathtaking speed record of 222.4 kmh (or 138.2 mph) in a wind-powered vehicle.… SEE MORE

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