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Rising Seas Swallow $403 Million in New England Home Values

2/4/2019 by US Harbors

Data scientists from First Street Foundation and Columbia University have expanded their peer-reviewed housing market research to include 2.5 million coastal properties in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island and found that increased tidal flooding caused by sea level rise has eroded $403.1 million in relative home values between… SEE MORE

An owner's smile is the greatest award. Relaxing aboard a brand-new Eastbay 50, with designs by Onboard Interiors.

Celebrating National Recognition for 2 Design Projects

3/1/2016 by Onboard Interiors

At Onboard Interiors we think that every project we complete is special, but it’s nice when our peers think so, too! Two of our recent projects, aboard a 2006 44’ Mochicraft and a 2015 Eastbay 50, were singled out for special honors by the Marine Fabricators Association at the organization’s… SEE MORE

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