Apprenticeshop, The

The Apprenticeshop is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to inspire personal growth through craftsmanship, community, and the traditions of the sea. The Apprenticeshop has been one of the country's finest wooden boatbuilding schools for 35+ years. The Community Sailing Program offers youth and adult sailing and seamanship programs. SEE MORE
Aquidneck Custom

Aquidneck Custom, Inc.

Aquidneck Custom, Inc., offers architects, engineers, and customers a superior product built to their specifications. CUSTOM BOATBUILDING Aquidneck Custom offers composite construction of mono-hulls up to 75-feet and multi-hulls up to 35-feet wide. Aquidneck Custom builds custom boats with various materials. Regardless of the materials, our forte and our focus… SEE MORE

Arch Davis Design

Arch Davis is a designer and boatbuilder who learned his craft in New Zealand. He has lived and worked in Maine since 1988. His plans for the backyard boatbuilder range from an 8' dinghy to a 26' powerboat. He also offers DVDs, kits, epoxy resin, plywood, sails and rigging, and… SEE MORE

Alexandria Brothers Power Washing

Alexandria Brother‚ Power Washing services provide one of the best qualities of cleaning as well as also maintains hygiene. We consider your privacy so we place the needs and well-being of our clients above our list. We focus on bringing professional services, best practices, and valuable insight. SEE MORE