Wooden Screen Door

Wooden Screen Door is proud of the quality of the materials and methods we use to construct our custom wooden screen/storms doors. Everything from expansion, contraction, and the species of the wood to straightness of grain, thickness of wood, finishing treatments, and hardware has been considered for quality and durability. SEE MORE

Wooden Wonders

Wooden Wonders specializes in exceptional outdoor structures with striking visual features that are functional for work or play. Lands of make-believe inspire our line of playhouses. Whether you choose a castle, tower, hobbit hole, or woodland cottage, the young people in your life will enjoy endless hours of active, imaginative… SEE MORE

TM Kitchens Cape Cod Kitchen Design & Remodeler

You can't overlook the importance of bathroom cabinets, as they serve purpose of storing essential accessories including shaving items, bath towels etc. If you are thinking about bathroom remodel then contact TM Kitchens to avail the quality services like bathroom remodeling, countertops installation, Cape Cod Bathroom Cabinets and much more. SEE MORE

The Wood Mill of Maine

Wide plank pine. That's all we do and we do it well. Although our specialty is plank pine flooring up to 20 inches wide, it is also used for wainscoting, paneling, and cabinetry. With grades ranging from clear to knotty, we can accommodate a wide spectrum of desired applications. SEE MORE