Since the introduction of WEST SYSTEM® Brand Epoxy in the early 1970s, it has been known worldwide for consistent high-quality and unsurpassed technical support. Gougeon Brothers, Inc., manufacturer of these products, is known for skill and knowledge gained through years of racing, boatbuilding, and scientific materials research. The company has stayed at the forefront of epoxy composite technology. Boatbuilders rely on WEST SYSTEM products for composite construction.
Much of the early success of WEST SYSTEM epoxy was due to its compatibility with wood. The epoxy is still used today for the construction of new wooden boats and repair of classics. By the early 1970s, fiberglass boats largely replaced traditionally built wooden boats. With the aging of the fiberglass fleet came the need for a dependable repair resin. WEST SYSTEM epoxy's superior moisture resistance and ability to bond to many different substrates make it excellent for fiberglass repairs and the number one choice of epoxies in marine repair yards and chandleries.
The WEST SYSTEM line of epoxy products come from an employee-owned company, meaning when you talk to us, you're talking to a part-owner of the company who has a vested interest in keeping you as a satisfied customer.