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$2 Billion Lawsuit Alleges Cooke Inc. Violated U.S. Fishing Laws


By Larry Chowning. A $2 billion “False Claims Act” lawsuit alleging “figurehead fraud” against the Canadian seafood giant Cooke Inc. of St. John, New Brunswick, was unsealed in April in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. The suit alleges Cooke Inc., Omega… SEE MORE

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Emergency Cut-Off Switch Link Requirements and Options


By Whether you choose to use the hardwired switch installed by your manufacturer, or a wireless fob, always use your ECOS. or decades boat manufacturers have equipped boats with an emergency cut-off switch. The emergency cut-off switch lanyard, or ECOS-L, connects the engine ignition system to a life vest… SEE MORE

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Sea off New England had One of its Hottest Years in 2023, Part of a Worldwide Trend


By  PATRICK WHITTLE. The sea off New England, already warming faster than most of the world’s oceans, had one of its hottest years on record in 2023. The Gulf of Maine, which abuts New England and Canada, had an annual sea surface temperature nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit above normal last year, scientists… SEE MORE

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Alaska Lawmakers Approve Task Force to Consider Responses to Seafood Industry ‘Implosion’


By Yereth Rosen, Alaska Beacon. A special legislative panel is to make recommendations about state policies to rescue Alaska’s seafood industry, a major pillar of the economy that is mired in crisis, under a bill that won final passage over the weekend. The measure, Senate Concurrent Resolution 10, would establish an eight-member seafood… SEE MORE

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Letting go of a Balloon Could Soon be Illegal in Florida: Balloon Release Bans Explained


By Elizabeth Weise. Intentionally releasing a balloon into the sky in Florida could soon lead to a fine, if the state successfully tightens its littering laws. Its part of an effort spanning laws in at least eight other states aimed at protecting turtles, dolphins, birds and other wildlife from the… SEE MORE

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NOAA Predicts a Below-Normal 2024 Central Pacific Hurricane Season


By The 2024 central Pacific hurricane season outlook from forecasters at NOAA’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center and NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, calls for 1–4 tropical cyclones across the central Pacific Hurricane region. A near-normal season has 4 or 5 tropical cyclones, which include tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes.… SEE MORE

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Louisiana 2024 Spring Shrimp Season to Open


By Doug Stewart. The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission has announced that the spring inshore shrimp season will open today Thursday, May 16, at 6 a.m., encompassing all state waters from the Mississippi/Louisiana state line to the Louisiana/Texas state line. This decision follows thorough evaluations by the Louisiana Department of… SEE MORE

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Maryland Summer-Fall 2024 Striped Bass Season Begins May 16


By The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced regulations for the summer recreational striped bass fishing season beginning May 16, 2024, which continues existing conservation measures put in place in an effort to protect the striped bass fishery on the East Coast. Striped bass season in the mainstem of the Chesapeake Bay will… SEE MORE