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Going Electric


By John Wooldridge. When Dave and Danielle Baker and their two young children pull up to a marina and begin maneuvering into a slip, they often get wondering stares from people on the dock. Instead of emitting diesel exhaust and noise, their Island Packet 27 sloop Gilbert Ivy purrs quietly and handles… SEE MORE

Great Lakes Fishing Decree: a new era of commercial fishing


By Carli Stewart. Updated guidelines for fishery resources in parts of the Great Lakes will be in effect for the next 24 years. The Great Lakes Fishing Decree was approved on Aug. 24, 2023, by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. According to the state’s Department… SEE MORE


How to Fish: Fishing Tips for Beginners


By You may have recently discovered just how much fun freshwater fishing can be, or maybe some recent saltwater fishing excitement has got you hooked on the sport, but no matter how and where you fish there are some basic fishing tips for beginners that all anglers need to know. Are you ready… SEE MORE


CSU Researchers Predicting Well Above-Average 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season


By CSU MarComm. Staff. Note to reporters: The full forecast is available at CSU will be releasing the forecast live at 10 a.m. EDT on April 4 from the National Tropical Weather Conference. There will be a live stream of the event. The CSU team will also issue forecast… SEE MORE

Using Suction Cups Inspired by Fish to Listen in on Whale Conversations


By Leah Burrows. In their ambitious goal to understand and ultimately communicate with sperm whales, research scientists from Project CETI have enlisted the help of unlikely collaborators — clingfish. Project CETI, launched in 2020 by a team of interdisciplinary scientists, aims to listen to, contextualize, and translate the communication of sperm whales,… SEE MORE

Protect Your Catch, Protect Your Crew: A Guide to Commercial Fishing Safety


By Megan Waldrep. A fisherman’s personality generally equates to a sense of adventure, a love of the outdoors, and the drive to create new opportunities for wealth through strategy and well-gained knowledge. Part of that knowledge is having the tools to survive in an emergency. The safety of commercial fishermen… SEE MORE


What’s In a Fish’s Name?


By Katarina Zimmer. Indigenous people processed the fishes’ oily flesh into preservatives, medicine, and food. When dried, the fish could even be ignited and used as candles, hence the English names “oilfish” and “candlefish.” Some Haida communities in what is now British Columbia obtained hum (eulachon oil) or saaw (dried and smoked eulachon) in… SEE MORE

Northeast States Collaborate on Ocean Mapping Priorities, Garnering National Attention


By The Northeast Regional Data Prioritization Project, led by the Northeast Regional Ocean Council, is transforming how northeastern states handle coastal mapping. This initiative signifies a shift in regional data prioritization and mapping approaches, setting a collaborative precedent for coastal strategies nationwide. Member states Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New… SEE MORE