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Cold-Weather Seamanship


By Nine tips for by wallpaperflarewallpaperflareWa. The weather may have cooled, but the passion to continue boating burns bright for many. Once fall sets in for good, the skies get bluer, the air gets crisper, and the crowds get thinner. Use these tips to maintain personal safety and convenience… SEE MORE

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The Sky This Week: Under the Full "Harvest" Moon on Sept. 29


By the Geoff Chester, U.S. Naval Observatory. The Moon starts the week in the company of Saturn, then moves eastward along the ecliptic through the dim autumnal constellations.  Full Moon occurs on the 29th at 5:58 am Eastern Daylight Time.  Look for Luna just above the bright glow of Jupiter… SEE MORE

Sea Glow by Flickr.

Why Does This Sea Glow in the Dark?


By From Aristotle to Darwin, humankind’s efforts to understand bioluminescence span thousands of years. It is one of the oldest fields of scientific study, and researchers today know a great deal about how it works, but mysteries remain. In this episode of Untold Earth we get in the water… SEE MORE

Strong Extratropical Cyclone Over the US Midwest by WikiCommons.

Bomb Cyclone Slams Pacific Northwest with Heavy Rain, Raising Threat of Debris Flows


By Most of the rain will be beneficial as the Pacific Northwest begins to recover from severe to extreme drought conditions. However, heavy rain could lead to flash flooding and debris flows in the burn scars across northwestern California and southwestern Oregon. A rapidly intensifying storm, called a bomb… SEE MORE

Krisin Forster, Harbormaster in Port Austin, MI. Image courtesy of Kristin.

Fifth Annual Harbormaster Appreciation Day to Be Celebrated on October 8, 2023


By US Harbors. Harbormasters Now Have Increased Responsibilities. Harbormasters around the country have seen exponential changes in their harbors these past few years. What once might have been a sleepy job in a remote community now requires significantly more attention due to the increased potential for local storm and flood… SEE MORE

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Underwater Museum of Art: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


By SWIM THROUGH A TUNNEL FORMED by the arched rib-cage remains of a prehistoric marine mammal at the Underwater Museum of Art off the Gulf Coast of Florida. Atlanta-based artist Pat Mclain’s 2023 installation, Cetacean Remains, forms the tunnel and creates a singular interactive diving experience that offers something mysterious, yet rightfully… SEE MORE

Heron in Louisiana marsh (Photo: AdobeStock)

Louisiana Living Shoreline to Protect Levees, Restore Wetlands, and Reconnect People to the Coast


By With $4.5 million dollars in funding from NOAA under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act, Jefferson Parish is building the first living shoreline to protect a federal levee system. Standing outside of Mr. Ed’s Seafood & Italian Restaurant—one of the Bucktown, Louisiana, restaurants to come back… SEE MORE

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By There are many potential equipment options for a new boat owner. However, if seeking budget-friendly boating equipment for beginners, this list can be abbreviated depending on the size of the boat and your boating priorities. Here three categories for compiling a starter list of affordable boating gear for… SEE MORE