High Tide Flood Outlook — June 2024

By US Harbors. Coastal flooding in June predicted for Hawaii and Gulf, but other areas may be spared. The coastal United States is getting a bit of a reprieve from predicted high tide flooding this June, except for a couple of areas on the continental U.S. (see below) and Hawaii’s Big… SEE HARBORS THAT MAY FLOOD

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Geoscientists Found the Most Dangerous Part of a Famous West Coast Fault


By Nikk Ogasa. The most destructive Cascadian earthquakes are likely to slam offshore of Washington state and Vancouver Island, new data reveal. The Cascadia megathrust is a massive fault thought capable of generating devastating magnitude 9 earthquakes similar to the 2011 Tohoku temblor, but its structure has long eluded scientists.… SEE MORE

Silhouette of a person at sunset during a heatwave. (Image credit: iStock)

Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke? Know the Signs of Heat Illness


By noaa.gov. If you are spending any time outside this summer, chances are you’ll be exposed to a lot of sun, high temperatures and humidity. How much heat can a person safely endure? It depends. Much less visible and dramatic than hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, heat is considered the silent… SEE MORE

A photo of USGS vessel "Hypoxia Bandit" on the Mississippi River in Vicksburg in early 2024. USGS scientists are using a US-D-96 sampler to collect sediment and water-quality samples from the river. (Image credit: USGS Lower Mississippi Gulf Water Science Center)

NOAA forecasts above-average summer 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico


By noaa.gov. Low oxygen conditions expected to impact 5,827 square-mile area. NOAA is forecasting an above-average summer “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico covering approximately 5,827 square miles — an area roughly the size of Connecticut. The dead zone, or hypoxic area, is an area of low oxygen that… SEE MORE

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Book Review – The Neptune Factor, Mahan and the Concept of $ea Power


By John Konrad. Alfred Thayer Mahan’s importance and strength lie in his groundbreaking ideas on sea power and its crucial role in national security and power projection at sea. His seminal work, “The Influence of Sea Power upon History,” underscored the strategic importance of a formidable naval presence to deter… SEE MORE

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Are the Great Lakes Really Inland Seas?


By Gemma Tarlach. Well, yes. And no. Actually, it depends on where you stand, in more ways than one. the water reared  slammed onto the sand like an ambush predator. Then it withdrew, and came back. Again and again the surf attacked the beach, and exploded over a nearby concrete… SEE MORE


Smoked Bluefish, Fish Wrap Style


By Todd Corayer. This simple and true recipe has three equal parts: brine, pellicle and smoke. Brine provides flavor and moisture through the smoking part. Pellicle adds a protective layer to keep moisture in the fillets and a surface for the smoke. The smoking part, well that’s what seals the… SEE MORE

The Pointe-Noire Interpretation and Observation Centre, near the village Tadoussac in Quebec, is a whale-watching and research hotspot. Photo by Adrien Le Toux/Alamy Stock Photo

Quieting the Global Growl


By Amorina Kingdom. Underwater noise from ships has gotten louder, reshaping marine ecosystems and the lives of animals that depend on sounds to eat, mate, and navigate. Can ships ever pipe down? It’s late September, and autumn colors flush the forested slopes of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. Sun dapples the two-lane… SEE MORE

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Maine Tribal Fishermen Lead Eel Restoration Project


By Paul Molyneaux. On a cool May morning after Maine tribes have harvested their 21 percent of Maine’s 9,688-pound elver quota, Passamaquoddy fisherman Erik Francis empties his fyke nets and pours a little less than two ounces of elvers and glass eels into a bucket. “Both tides are in daylight right now,” he says. “So, they… SEE MORE