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Seattle Boat Show 2020

Seattle, WA January 24 - February 1

One of the most popular features at the Seattle Boat Show is the extensive line-up of free boating and fishing seminars and advanced training classes for a fee through Boat Show University. No other show in North America matches the Seattle seminar schedule in terms of the quality, variety and… SEE MORE

Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Festival & Parade

Alcatraz Island, CA February 8

Named one of the top ten Parades in the world by International Festivals & Events Association, the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco is one of the few remaining night illuminated Parades in North America and the biggest parade celebrating the lunar new year outside of Asia.… SEE MORE

Galveston Restaurant Week 2020

Galveston Pier 21, TX January 26 - February 9

The ninth annual & Company Galveston Restaurant Week – Saturday, January 26th thru February 9th, 2020 – brings Galveston Island’s vibrant food scene to life for two full weeks of delicious dining. Galveston is home of the finest Gulf Coast seafood and some of Texas’s most delectable restaurants. And visitors to Galveston… SEE MORE

Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show & Sportfishing Boat Show

Garibaldi, OR February 5 - February 9

Plan your vacation. The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show is the ideal opportunity to plan your 2019 or 2020 adventure. As we like to say, “Great adventures far and near start here.” From close-by guide trips for a variety of fish and wildlife species to more ambitious trips out of state or… SEE MORE

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Viking Removing ‘Cruise’ From Company Name

1/27/2020 by US Harbors

By Donald Wood. Ocean and river cruise company Viking has revealed it is dropping the word “cruise” from its name as it continues to grow and focus on destinations. According to, Viking founder Tor Hagen announced during a speech in Los Angeles last week the cruise line’s website has been changed… SEE MORE

TowBoat US Press Release - January 27th, 2020.

TowBoatUS Boat-Towing Captains Honored for Lifesaving Acts

1/27/2020 by US Harbors

ORLANDO, Fla. – Being a TowBoatUS towing captain means you spend a lot of time on the water assisting recreational boaters with routine issues like breakdowns or running aground. It also means that when boaters are in grave trouble, there is no hesitation to help. Seven captains who acted as… SEE MORE

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NOAA Researchers Working to Make Winter Travel Safer

1/22/2020 by US Harbors

Forecasters are good at predicting large winter storms, but even mild winter weather can be dangerous for travelers. Trying to travel in the midst of winter weather can be inconvenient at best and dangerous — even deadly — at worst. Snow, freezing rain and black ice can snarl traffic and… SEE MORE Anchor Selection Guide.

Boating 101: How to Choose the Best Boat Anchor Type

1/15/2020 by US Harbors

Information Provided by There are a number of boat anchors available, constructed of different materials, and often with confusing names. This article will discuss the most popular types of boat anchors, how to choose the best anchor for your boat, the most common material types, and also give an overview of… SEE MORE

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Wolf Moon Eclipse Kicks Off 2020

1/10/2020 by US Harbors

By Ashley Strickland. This year started off with a meteor shower and the first month of 2020 continues with a penumbral lunar eclipse during the full moon, on Friday. Lunar eclipses can only occur during a full moon. But a penumbral lunar eclipse is different from a total lunar eclipse.… SEE MORE

Marine Labs on the Water’s Edge Are Threatened by Climate Change

1/8/2020 by US Harbors

By John Schwartz. COCODRIE, La. — A marine laboratory 85 miles southwest of New Orleans was designed to be a fortress against extreme weather. But it might be defeated by climate change. Sitting at the end of Louisiana State Highway 56, where dirt dissolves into wetlands and then the Gulf… SEE MORE

13 Full Moons, 2 Supermoons and a Blue Moon Expected in 2020

1/3/2020 by US Harbors

By Nathalie Kirby. Let's get one thing straight—sky lovers were totally spoiled in 2019. The year started out with three (yes, THREE) supermoons, and with a recent solar eclipse among other celestial events, 2020 has a lot to live up to. While we might not see another lunar trifecta this year, experts do… SEE MORE

A Knotty Problem Solved

1/3/2020 by US Harbors

Heard on All Things Considered. Special fibers that change color when they are under strain have helped scientists come up with some simple rules that can predict how a knot will perform in the real world. There's a whole field of mathematics that studies knots, to explore abstract properties of… SEE MORE