High Tide Flooding Outlook — July 2024

By US Harbors. July’s Predictions for “Higher than Normal” Tides Limited to Hawaii and Galveston, TX. NOAA forecasts minimal high tide flooding this month, with most of the country not expecting higher than normal tides in July. However, the Atlantic hurricane season has begun and coastal areas have experienced substantial precipitation.… SEE HARBORS THAT MAY FLOOD

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Where Are the World’s Most Dangerous Seas?


By Laura Kiniry. From the Drake Passage to the Bermuda Triangle, these waters have a reputation for death and destruction. IN DECEMBER 2004, SAN FRANCISCO business owner John Dorning embarked on his first journey aboard the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2. Dorning was making the crossing from Southampton, England, to New York… SEE MORE

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Anglers Are The Key to Climate-Resilient Fisheries


By Daniel Ritz. A new report written for anglers by anglers serves as a call to arms to galvanize the angling community to demand action as climate change disrupts fishing experiences coast-to-coast WASHINGTON – Today, the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) released a report written for anglers, by anglers,… SEE MORE

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United Nations Endorses New “Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture”


By fisheries.noaa.gov. NOAA provided scientific expertise on the guidelines, which will develop global aquaculture best practices. More seafood is currently produced via farming, or aquaculture, than is harvested from the wild, according to a recent United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report. As more people globally rely on seafood farming… SEE MORE

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Assessing the Global Climate in June 2024


By noaa.gov. 13 consecutive months of record-warm global temperatures and the second-lowest June Antarctic sea ice extent Highlights: Temperatures were above average over much of the globe with Africa, Asia and South America having their warmest June on record. Sea surface temperatures were record warm for the 15th consecutive month.… SEE MORE

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U.S. Coast Guard Issues Warning After Wind Turbine Blade Breaks Off at Vineyard Wind Farm


By Mike Schuler. The U.S. Coast Guard has advised mariners to exercise extreme caution following reports of a 300-foot-long piece of debris in the water near where an offshore wind turbine blade broke off at the Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm off Nantucket, Rhode Island. Vineyard Wind, a joint venture… SEE MORE

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Stilt Houses and Scallops: A Dive Into Old Florida’s Hidden Gems


By Carrie Honaker. A writer rediscovers her love of scalloping amid the historic stilt houses in New Port Richey, Florida. The sun rises on a steamy July morning as I sip my coffee and slather sunscreen all over, preparing for a day out on the water hunting for culinary treasures… SEE MORE

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Pirate Jean Lafitte’s Grave


By Scarheel. Visit the secret grave of a legendary privateer who faked his own death. FROM 1810 TO 1823, JEAN Lafitte and his brother Pierre were among the most notorious and successful privateers in the Americas. Like many great pirates, Jean Lafitte’s exact origins are shrouded in mystery, but he is… SEE MORE

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More Whale Falls Found off Los Angeles than in the Rest of the World Combined


By Douglas Main. A mysterious discovery reveals how little we know about the deep ocean. A pair of scientific surveys recently turned up a few surprises on the seafloor off the coast of Los Angeles, California. First, there were the tens of thousands of naval weapons. And then, researchers found… SEE MORE