High Tide Flooding Outlook — July 2024

By US Harbors. July’s Predictions for “Higher than Normal” Tides Limited to Hawaii and Galveston, TX. NOAA forecasts minimal high tide flooding this month, with most of the country not expecting higher than normal tides in July. However, the Atlantic hurricane season has begun and coastal areas have experienced substantial precipitation.… SEE HARBORS THAT MAY FLOOD

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Image Credit: Pixabay

Blue Crabs in Chesapeake Bay; Scientists Look Back at Two Decades of Management


By news.maryland.gov. In the late 2000s, the outlook for blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay was grim. Known for its ups and downs, the blue crab harvest was going through a long stretch of almost all downs. The crab population steeply declined after 1997 and remained at record low harvests… SEE MORE

Pacific bluefin tuna swim underwater. Credit: Adobe Stock

From Overfished to Sustainable Harvests: Pacific Bluefin Tuna Rebound to New Highs


By fisheries.noaa.gov. New stock assessment reveals largest recorded biomass since assessments began. The recovery of Pacific bluefin tuna has achieved a major milestone—the species exceeded international targets a decade ahead of schedule. The rebuilding of Pacific bluefin tuna reflects a fisheries management success. International organizations cooperated across the Pacific to… SEE MORE

These toy sea turtles, circled in red, were photographed using a drone flying at 128 feet altitude. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Eyes in the Sky: Using Drones to Measure Sea Turtles


By fisheries.noaa.gov. What do drones and toy turtles have in common? Scientists are using these tools to measure sea turtles in the wild without ever touching them. Drones not only take great photographs—they can also be used to take measurements. In our case, we use them to measure the size… SEE MORE

Image Credit: fishingbooker.com.

A Primer on Deep Sea Fishing, a/k/a Offshore Fishing


By Ken Schultz. Offshore fishing, or deep sea fishing, entails the pursuit of different species and the use of different methods, on the open ocean If you’ve wondered exactly what someone means when they refer to deep sea fishing, you’re not alone. The term does not refer to a specific… SEE MORE

Image Credit: thefisherman.com.

10 Types of Fishing Boats: A Beginner’s Guide


By Debbie Hanson. Learn more about types of fishing boats for different waterways, this beginner’s guide to fishing boat types with descriptions can help with the basics If you are thinking about buying a boat, or just want to learn more about types of fishing boats that are best for… SEE MORE

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