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The Study of Fish Tagging for Coastal Fisheries Management


By Frank Sargeant. Fish tagging is a powerful tool for the study of fish in coastal fisheries management where ever it’s used, allowing fishery scientists and fishery managers to keep tabs on the growth, mobility and to some extent the mortality rate of various fish. When anglers recapture a tagged… SEE MORE

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Discarded Fishing Gear Repurposed into Cables


By Carli Stewart. It’s a staggering fact that approximately 1 million tons of abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) find their way into the world’s oceans every year. This ALDFG significantly threatens marine life, primarily contributing to ocean plastic pollution. ABB Installation Products, a company helping with the environmental crisis, has… SEE MORE

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Rapid Oyster Reef Restoration Gives Hope for Repairing the Sea


By After a century of functional extinction on the Australian mainland, a Flat oyster reef has been successfully restored along a metropolitan Adelaide coastline. Research by University of Adelaide marine scientists has revealed that the astonishing ecological recovery occurred within two and a half years of the reef being… SEE MORE

An entangled humpback whale in Iliuliuk Bay near the Port of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Credit: City of Unalaska, taken under NOAA Fisheries Permit #24359.

Entangled Humpback Whale Near Iliuliuk Bay, AK Successfully Cut Free


By The response, in a remote community, took several days and involved a broad array of partner agencies, organizations, and local trained volunteers. A humpback whale was entangled in fishing gear in Iliuliuk Bay, near the Port of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Due to the efforts of NOAA, partners, and… SEE MORE

Project partners from NOAA and Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority stand in the restored marsh (Photo: Nick Gremillion/CPRA

470-Acre Coastal Wetland Restored in Louisiana with $14 Million in NOAA Funding


By Through the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act Program, NOAA and its partners restored Bayou De Cade to help combat land loss and support fisheries. In honor of American Wetlands Month, we’re celebrating the success of a large-scale marsh restoration project in coastal Louisiana. NOAA’s Office of Habitat… SEE MORE

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