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High Tide Flood Outlook — June 2024

By US Harbors. Coastal flooding in June predicted for Hawaii and Gulf, but other areas may be spared. The coastal United States is getting a bit of a reprieve from predicted high tide flooding this June, except for a couple of areas on the continental U.S. (see below) and Hawaii’s Big… SEE HARBORS THAT MAY FLOOD

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A photo of USGS vessel "Hypoxia Bandit" on the Mississippi River in Vicksburg in early 2024. USGS scientists are using a US-D-96 sampler to collect sediment and water-quality samples from the river. (Image credit: USGS Lower Mississippi Gulf Water Science Center)

NOAA forecasts above-average summer 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico


By Low oxygen conditions expected to impact 5,827 square-mile area. NOAA is forecasting an above-average summer “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico covering approximately 5,827 square miles — an area roughly the size of Connecticut. The dead zone, or hypoxic area, is an area of low oxygen that… SEE MORE

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Are the Great Lakes Really Inland Seas?


By Gemma Tarlach. Well, yes. And no. Actually, it depends on where you stand, in more ways than one. the water reared  slammed onto the sand like an ambush predator. Then it withdrew, and came back. Again and again the surf attacked the beach, and exploded over a nearby concrete… SEE MORE

Smoked Bluefish, Fish Wrap Style


By Todd Corayer. This simple and true recipe has three equal parts: brine, pellicle and smoke. Brine provides flavor and moisture through the smoking part. Pellicle adds a protective layer to keep moisture in the fillets and a surface for the smoke. The smoking part, well that’s what seals the… SEE MORE

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World’s Longest Wave?


By The waters off the Pacific coast of northern Peru routinely build what has been called the world’s longest wave. There’s no way to know for sure, but the seemingly endless waves that roll up to the fishing town of Puerto Malabrigo (Chicama) are legendary among surfers. While some… SEE MORE

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Sailing in Alaska? Watch Out for Tsunamis


By Christian Elliott. Tour boat operators and cruise ship captains face a growing hazard: tsunamis generated by collapsing cliffs. If disaster strikes, what should they do? In 2015, 76 million cubic meters of rock crashed from the rugged cliffs above a southeastern Alaska fjord and into the water below. The landslide… SEE MORE

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The Doomsday Glacier is melting − fast. How Sea Level Rise Could Drench The World Map.


By Doyle Rice. More unsettling news from the bottom of the world. Scientists have uncovered evidence of “vigorous melting” at Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier, (aka the “Doomsday Glacier”) according to a new study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. And for the first time, there is visible… SEE MORE

2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Storm Strength Probabilities

NOAA Predicts Above-Normal 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season


By NOAA. La Nina and warmer-than-average ocean temperatures are major drivers of tropical activity. NOAA National Weather Service forecasters at the Climate Prediction Center predict above-normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin this year. NOAA’s outlook for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, which spans from June 1 to November 30,… SEE MORE

NOAA's June 2024 Heat Predictions for US

U.S. Climate Outlook for June 2024


By Mike Halpert at NOAA. May was again a warmer-than-normal month for large parts of the United States, particularly from the Rockies eastward. In fact, the temperature pattern was quite similar to March, with near- and below-normal temperatures generally observed from the Rockies to the West Coast. And not surprisingly,… SEE MORE

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