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New Right Whale Slow Zone South of Nantucket, MA - Effective Through 01/28

1/14/2022 by Editor

On January 13, 2022, the Center for Coastal Studies aerial survey team sighted the presence of right whales South of Nantucket, MA. The right whale SLOW Zone is in effect immediately and expires on January 28, 2022. As a reminder, NOAA Fisheries announced an acoustic SLOW Zone East of Ocean City,… SEE MORE

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American Magic Set to Enter Next America’s Cup

1/13/2022 by Editor

By Toby Heppell. In a surprising twist, the New York Yacht Club has announced that it intends to take part in the next America’s Cup, represented once again by American Magic. For those who follow America’s Cup news, this is a remarkable U-turn. New York YC was represented by American Magic… SEE MORE

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New Right Whale Slow Zone Southeast of NYC and Extension of Slow Zone Southeast of Atlantic City, NJ

1/10/2022 by Editor

On January 8, 2022, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s acoustic array detected the presence of right whales Southeast of New York City, NY, and redetected the presence of right whales Southeast of Atlantic City, NJ. The right whale Acoustic SLOW Zones are in effect immediately and expire on January 23,… SEE MORE

Even with practically no breeze, the Marblehead High School Sailing Team had a spirited race. Photo by Dave Kinney.

Why Mariners Use Knots Instead of Miles Per Hour

1/10/2022 by Editor

Why does a mariner (and, for that matter, an airplane pilot) measure their boat’s speed in knots, rather than miles per hour or kilometers per hour? The answer goes back to the 17th century and remains true today. The nautical mile has two origins The answer as to why mariners measure… SEE MORE

Sailing in the J-22s. The MBHH team plots strategy between races. Photo by Ann-e Blanchard

Boating 101: A Quick Guide to Boat Operator Licensing

1/6/2022 by Editor

By OceanGrafix. Now that it’s the off season for a lot of boaters, it may be a good time to review boat operator licensing requirements and make sure you’re up to date. For recreational boaters in particular, the big issue in the eyes of the United States Coast Guard (USCG)… SEE MORE

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Birmingham Boat Show

Mobile State Docks, AL January 20 - January 23

The Birmingham Boat Show was the first public event ever held at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center in 1972. Exactly 20 years later to the day, the Boat Show was the first Event held in the new expanded East Exhibit Hall. The show is now the Oldest and largest in… SEE MORE

Baltimore Boat Show

Baltimore, MD January 20 - January 23

When you have questions, we’re here with answers on everything from buying and owning, to boat handling basics and safety tips, gear, destinations, how to’s and more. SEE MORE

New York Boat Show

New York (The Battery), NY January 26 - January 30

Boat hop and shop magnificent motor yachts, tricked out runabouts, serious center consoles and watersports boats... SEE MORE

San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show

San Diego, CA February 3 - February 6

Welcome to the 2022 San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show. If you are a boater, don’t miss this once a year event! We’ll have the brands and companies you’ve come to know and love, as well as new marine services and products, free boating seminars, boat rides, libations and more.… SEE MORE

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