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Overwash of Cape Lookout National Seashore by large storm waves, North Carolina.

Habitat Restoration Projects Offer Protection from Flooding

4/9/2021 by US Harbors

Habitats like tidal marshes, coral reefs, and seagrass beds serve as natural infrastructure that can help protect our coastal communities from flooding, erosion, and storms. NOAA Fisheries works to restore habitat for coastal and marine species, and many of our restoration projects provide natural infrastructure benefits as well. Two NOAA Fisheries-supported habitat… SEE MORE

Western Rivers Face Pinch as Another Dry Year Takes Shape

4/8/2021 by US Harbors

By Susan Montoya Bryan / AP News. As several states in the American West face intense drought, it’s shaping up to be a very difficult year for New Mexico farmers because of limited irrigation supplies, with some saying conditions haven’t been this dire since the 1950s. Snowpack and precipitation are… SEE MORE

US Harbors' Annual "Best Harbor in the U.S." Contest

Voting Begins in Search for 2021's "Best Harbor" in the U.S.

3/30/2021 by US Harbors

On Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 voting begins in our 3rd annual “Best Harbor in the U.S.” contest! Participation is free and open to everyone. Vote for your harbor at: The purpose of the contest is to promote the strength and vitality of coastal communities: the winning harbors have been… SEE MORE

How to Fold Nautical Charts in 7 Easy Steps

3/29/2021 by US Harbors

By OceanGrafix. When you get your nautical charts, you may be surprised by how large they are. To make them easy to use and store, you will need to fold your charts and know how to fold them back after use. For the best results, you’ll use an accordion fold,… SEE MORE

Flood Knocks U.S. Buoy Data Offline

3/16/2021 by US Harbors

By Mike Schuler. A flood at the U.S. National Weather Service’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland has knocked out power to servers processing NOAA’s marine buoy data, rendering the data inaccessible to the public. A timeline for when the data will be restored has not yet been determined. The NOAA… SEE MORE

Alaska Thunderstorms May Triple with Climate Change

3/4/2021 by US Harbors

By David Hosansky. Warming temperatures will potentially alter the climate in Alaska so profoundly later this century that the number of thunderstorms will triple, increasing the risks of widespread flash flooding, landslides, and lightning-induced wildfires, new research finds. In a pair of new papers, a research team led by scientists… SEE MORE

Storm paths from 2017's hurricane season - Wikipedia

NOAA Considers Moving the Start of Hurricane Season to Mid-May

3/1/2021 by US Harbors

By Ric Kearbey. The Atlantic hurricane season typically begins on June 1, but it may now start even earlier because we simply see more pre-season storms than in years past. The National Hurricane Center has announced plans to begin issuing routine tropical weather outlooks starting May 15, and the World… SEE MORE

Red Tide Update for February 24, 2021

2/24/2021 by US Harbors

Current Conditions The red tide organism, Karenia brevis, persists in Southwest Florida. K. brevis was detected in 21 samples collected over the past week. Bloom concentrations (>100,000 cells/liter) were observed in three samples from Lee County. Recent satellite imagery (2/23; NOAA, USF) indicates the presence of chlorophyll patches along and offshore of Lee, Collier, and Monroe… SEE MORE

Grab a ‘VIP’ Pass to NOAA’s Virtual Open House

2/24/2021 by US Harbors

Each week, NOAA will tour a different facility through a live webinar and meet the staff that bring NOAA’s mission to life. Guides will highlight a few cool spots around campus and answer your questions in real time. A U.S. map plotted with the dates and locations of 2021 NOAA… SEE MORE

What's the Coldest Earth's Ever Been?

2/22/2021 by US Harbors

By Michon Scott. This article is one of a three-part series on past temperatures, including the hottest the Earth has ever been and how warm the Earth has been “lately.” For much of its history, our planet has been hotter—sometimes much hotter—than it is today. But our planet has also been colder. Scientists may… SEE MORE

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Coast Guard Rescues 60 Sea Turtles Affected by Winter Storm

2/19/2021 by US Harbors

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Coast Guard rescued 60 sea turtles that were in need of life-saving assistance after being affected by a recent winter storm near South Padre Island, Texas, Wednesday. Two aviation survival technicians, or rescue swimmers, Petty Officer 2nd Class Russell Grizzard and Petty Officer 3rd Class Will… SEE MORE

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Safety 101: Winter Driving Tips

2/15/2021 by US Harbors

Severe weather can be both frightening and dangerous for travelers. Winter storms, bad weather and sloppy road conditions are a factor in nearly half a million crashes and more than 2,000 road deaths every winter, according to research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Drivers should know the safety rules for… SEE MORE

Florida Red Tide Update - Feb 10th, 2021

2/10/2021 by US Harbors

Current Conditions The red tide organism, Karenia brevis, persists in Southwest Florida. Over the past week, K. brevis was detected in 30 samples. Bloom concentrations (>100,000 cells/liter) were observed in one Lee County sample. Recent satellite imagery (2/9; NOAA, USF) indicates the presence of patches of chlorophyll along and offshore of Lee, Collier, and Monroe counties. Additional… SEE MORE

NOAA Satellites Helped Save 304 Lives in 2020

2/1/2021 by US Harbors

NOAA’s satellite fleet, renowned for being the backbone of weather forecasts, also played a pivotal role in rescuing 304 people from potentially life-threatening situations throughout the United States and its surrounding waters in 2020 through other capabilities that fly on these satellites. Of the 304 U.S. rescues last year, 217… SEE MORE

What Dry Winter Weather in California Can Tell Us

1/25/2021 by US Harbors

By Marie Tae McDermott. Good morning. This week, over a quarter of a million people were without power as powerful Santa Ana winds roared through parts of Central and Southern California. The winds were possibly the strongest that the state has seen in 20 years. Coming off the worst wildfire season… SEE MORE