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The Caribbean has a Defense System Against Deadly Hurricanes — but it’s Vanishing

7/12/2024 - By Benji Jones. Hurricane Beryl and other superstorms would be much more dangerous without these iconic ocean animals. Hurricane season has begun, and it’s off to a frightening start. On Wednesday morning, Beryl — a Category 4 storm and the first named hurricane of the year — was churning toward… SEE MORE
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The Arctic is Warming Rapidly. These Clouds may Hold Clues as to Why

7/4/2024 - By Carolyn Gramling. Eight flights into the odd clouds this year have provided needed intel on their inner workings. In the Arctic, a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon generates some of the oddest clouds on Earth. Up there, streaky wisps can swiftly transform into towering thunderstorms. These strange clouds are not just… SEE MORE
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How Amoeboid Architects Build Some of the Ocean’s Most Intricate Homes

7/3/2024 - By Joanna Klein. Xenophyophores can craft multichambered compounds that resemble morel mushrooms. EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THE OCEAN’S flashier builders—the corals that sculpt reefs, the mollusks that spin up perfect pearls. But thousands of feet down, underappreciated creatures called xenophyophores work hard to build themselves some of the most fascinating homes on… SEE MORE
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A Class of Ozone-Depleting Chemicals is Declining, Thanks to the Montreal Protocol

7/1/2024 - By New research by a team including current and former NOAA-affiliated scientists has shown that atmospheric concentrations of a class of ozone-depleting chemicals used as refrigerants, foam blowing agents and solvents peaked in 2021 and are now beginning to decline as nations comply with restrictions called for by the… SEE MORE