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The Caribbean has a Defense System Against Deadly Hurricanes — but it’s Vanishing

7/12/2024 - By Benji Jones. Hurricane Beryl and other superstorms would be much more dangerous without these iconic ocean animals. Hurricane season has begun, and it’s off to a frightening start. On Wednesday morning, Beryl — a Category 4 storm and the first named hurricane of the year — was churning toward… SEE MORE
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You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Catalog: Cape Cod’s Great White Shark Population Keeps Growing

7/11/2024 - By Melisa Cristina Marquez. Cape Cod, known for its scenic Americana coastline and quaint towns, has also gained recognition in recent years as a hub for shark research. Specifically scientific research revolving around one of the most iconic species: the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has been… SEE MORE
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The Arctic is Warming Rapidly. These Clouds may Hold Clues as to Why

7/4/2024 - By Carolyn Gramling. Eight flights into the odd clouds this year have provided needed intel on their inner workings. In the Arctic, a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon generates some of the oddest clouds on Earth. Up there, streaky wisps can swiftly transform into towering thunderstorms. These strange clouds are not just… SEE MORE