Haiku Deck In Action by Erin Gamboli

Bull Kelp

11/20/2023 - By bullkelp.info. Redwoods of the Ocean Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) is the majestic kelp that grows up to sixty feet in one season, to reproduce and be washed away by winter storms each year. It is the signature species making up the vastly productive kelp forests of the Northern Pacific coastline from… SEE MORE
Portland Head Lighthouse Dark | Portland Head Lighthouse

The Dark Side of Lighthouses

11/18/2023 - By Amorina Kingdon. Lighthouse keeping is not for the faint-hearted. Keepers live in isolation, endure violent storms, and must be ready to respond to the occasional shipwreck. They have to be self-sufficient, handy, happy with their own company, and comfortable with heights. Still, today’s “wickies” have all the mod cons… SEE MORE
A zoomed in image of the Antarctic strawberry feather star, formally known as Promachocrinus fragarius. (via Emily McLaughlin, Nerida Wilson and Greg Rouse)

Scientists Discover New, ‘Otherworldly’ Species with 20 Arms in the Antarctic Ocean

11/7/2023 - By ctvnews.ca. Ten rays. Twenty arms. Strawberry-like. That’s how a team of scientists from Australia and the United States have described a new, creepy-looking underwater species they discovered after a series of research expeditions near Antarctica. Emily McLaughlin, Nerida Wilson and Greg Rouse published their findings on the newfound species in… SEE MORE
File:Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) (23096642576).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

To Track Bull Sharks, First Hit Their Snooze Button

11/6/2023 - By atlasobscura.com. For these researchers in Southern Africa, tagging the apex predators starts with putting them in trancelike tonic immobility. Daly and colleagues catch the famously ferocious fish off the coast of southern Mozambique and fit them with transmitters as part of a long-distance tracking project to reveal more about the animals’… SEE MORE