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Underwater Museum of Art: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

9/24/2023 - By SWIM THROUGH A TUNNEL FORMED by the arched rib-cage remains of a prehistoric marine mammal at the Underwater Museum of Art off the Gulf Coast of Florida. Atlanta-based artist Pat Mclain’s 2023 installation, Cetacean Remains, forms the tunnel and creates a singular interactive diving experience that offers something mysterious, yet rightfully… SEE MORE
Heron in Louisiana marsh (Photo: AdobeStock)

Louisiana Living Shoreline to Protect Levees, Restore Wetlands, and Reconnect People to the Coast

9/23/2023 - By With $4.5 million dollars in funding from NOAA under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act, Jefferson Parish is building the first living shoreline to protect a federal levee system. Standing outside of Mr. Ed’s Seafood & Italian Restaurant—one of the Bucktown, Louisiana, restaurants to come back… SEE MORE
Green seaweed Turimetta south, Caulerpa filiformis by Wikkicommons

Is Seaweed the Next Big Alternative to Meat?

9/13/2023 - By From kelp burgers to bacon of the sea, sustainable food entrepreneurs are innovating to charm hungry omnivores When vertebrates first heaved themselves out of the sea some 390 million years ago, terrestrial life was good: the atmosphere was rich with oxygen, and competition for food was virtually nonexistent.… SEE MORE
Vessels removed from the Dog River in Alabama (Photo: NOAA).

Now Open: Two Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Grant Opportunities for Marine Debris Removal and Interception Technologies

8/30/2023 - By The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Marine Debris Program is pleased to announce its Fiscal Year 2024 Notices of Funding Opportunity for both Marine Debris Removal and Interception Technologies under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These two funding opportunities include the availability up to $28 million across the… SEE MORE