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Beach Time, Learning Time

5/14/2023 - By Jennifer Brett. Having a beach day? Why not add some marine science to it? With these four fun games and activities, kids can learn about the shoreline habitats, beach ecology and the animals that call the coast home – and they probably won’t even realize it’s “educational.” Win-win! All… SEE MORE
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How is the “bird flu” affecting marine life?

4/25/2023 - By Matthias Gorny. The “bird flu” (also known as the avian flu) has not only affected millions of chickens, geese, and ducks around the world – it has spread to sea birds, all the way from the north Atlantic to the coasts of Central and South America. It’s also affecting… SEE MORE
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New York City Building Hybrid-Electric Public Ferry

4/22/2023 - By Mike Schuler. New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Trust for Governors Island have announced the city’s first public hybrid-electric ferry to operate in New York Harbor. The vessel is designed to transition between battery-only power and battery-assisted hybrid propulsion with diesel backup, reducing CO2 emissions by 600 tons… SEE MORE
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Biden-Harris Administration recommends $562 million investment to make communities resilient to climate impacts as part of Investing in America agenda

4/21/2023 - By noaa.gov. Funding for 149 projects to reach 30 states and territories under NOAA’s Climate-Ready Coasts initiative Today, Vice President Harris announced that the Department of Commerce has recommended $562 million in funding — including investments in nearly 150 projects across 30 coastal and Great Lakes states and territories — to make communities… SEE MORE