Project partners from NOAA and Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority stand in the restored marsh (Photo: Nick Gremillion/CPRA

470-Acre Coastal Wetland Restored in Louisiana with $14 Million in NOAA Funding

5/6/2024 - By Through the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act Program, NOAA and its partners restored Bayou De Cade to help combat land loss and support fisheries. In honor of American Wetlands Month, we’re celebrating the success of a large-scale marsh restoration project in coastal Louisiana. NOAA’s Office of Habitat… SEE MORE
Freshwater via Wikimedia Commons, Florida_freshwater_marshes_usgov_image

Coastal marshes provide valuable protection for coastal communities from storm-induced wave, flood, and structural loss in a changing climate

1/28/2023 - By Abstract Wetlands such as tidal marshes and mangroves are known to buffer coastal communities from wave, flood, and structural loss during storms. Coastal communities and resource managers seek to understand the ecosystem service value of coastal wetlands for reducing storm-induced flood loss in a changing climate. A recent… SEE MORE