Shipwreck by Wikkicommons

Tidal Power’s Fickle Future

5/19/2023 - By Aided by remote “drone” divers and advances in sonar, more ancient shipwrecks are being discovered. Sometimes salvage operations recover whole vessels and their entire bounty. But until recently, scientists knew little about the actual passengers and crew. Now, a new method of DNA testing is making it possible… SEE MORE
Humpback Whale by WikiCommons

Survival at Sea: Are You Prepared?

5/4/2023 - By Oceangrafixblog A jumping humpback whale in front of a sailing boat. A shipwreck at sea can happen to anybody. In the United States, 658 people died as a result of boating accidents in 2021 and 2,641 people were injured. Many deaths were due to damage to the boat. The sailboat Raindancer is a… SEE MORE
Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0 , Remolcador_Rozi,_Ċirkewwa,_Malta,_Malta,_2021-08-24,_DD_19 via Wikimedia Commons

Frozen in Time: National Marine Sanctuary Researchers Discover Lost Shipwreck Ironton

3/7/2023 - By Researchers from NOAA, the state of Michigan, and Ocean Exploration Trust have discovered an intact shipwreck resting hundreds of feet below the surface of Lake Huron. Located within NOAA's Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the shipwreck has been identified as the sailing ship Ironton. Magnificently preserved by the… SEE MORE