Massachusetts Shuts Down Many South Coast Shellfish Beds Due to Sewage

3/19/2024 - By Adam Goldstein. The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is immediately shutting down thousands of acres of shellfish beds surrounding the New Bedford and Fairhaven wastewater treatment plant outfalls to comply with federal health and safety standards. More than 18,000 acres of the Dartmouth, Fairhaven and New Bedford coastline, including… SEE MORE

Global Study Sheds Light on Benefits of Shellfish and Seaweed Aquaculture

2/15/2022 - Shellfish and seaweed farms provide sustainable seafood and can improve the surrounding environment. Farmed oysters, mussels, and other bivalve shellfish are some of the most environmentally sustainable sources of animal protein. Worth an estimated $350 million in 2017, shellfish are the most valuable marine seafood produced via aquaculture in the… SEE MORE