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African easterly wave convection moving over Africa into the Atlantic captured by the Meteosat Second Generation Satellite. (Image downloaded via EUMETSAT.)

Damping The “Seeds” Of Hurricanes

7/14/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Audrey Merket. Increased atmospheric moisture produced weaker hurricane formation. Increased atmospheric moisture may alter critical weather patterns over Africa, making it more difficult for the predecessors of many Atlantic hurricanes to form, according to a new study published this month. The research team, led by scientists from the U.S.… SEE MORE

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Erosion Firesale: Nantucket Waterfront Home Assessed At Nearly $2 Million Sold For Just $200,000

7/13/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Jason Graziadei When Jane Carlin and her husband Ben Gifford purchased a summer home on Nantucket’s west end in 1988, there was a wide expanse between their new property and the Atlantic Ocean that included three neighboring homes closer to the shore, Sheep Pond Road, and an acre of… SEE MORE

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The Caribbean has a Defense System Against Deadly Hurricanes — but it’s Vanishing

7/12/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Benji Jones. Hurricane Beryl and other superstorms would be much more dangerous without these iconic ocean animals. Hurricane season has begun, and it’s off to a frightening start. On Wednesday morning, Beryl — a Category 4 storm and the first named hurricane of the year — was churning toward… SEE MORE

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You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Catalog: Cape Cod’s Great White Shark Population Keeps Growing

7/11/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Melisa Cristina Marquez. Cape Cod, known for its scenic Americana coastline and quaint towns, has also gained recognition in recent years as a hub for shark research. Specifically scientific research revolving around one of the most iconic species: the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has been… SEE MORE

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