Wreck of the schooner Galinipper, Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast National Marine Sanctuary's oldest known shipwreck. Image: Becky Schott / Liquid Productions

Shipwrecks: New Study Opens Window to Cultural Past in Great Lakes Sanctuary

3/4/2024 - By santuaries.noaa.gov. While shipwrecks are often the primary focus of maritime heritage preservation in America’s Great Lakes national marine sanctuaries, a recent two-part maritime cultural landscape study of the 962-square-mile Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast National Marine Sanctuary reveals that shipwrecks only tell part of the story of human connections to the natural environment… SEE MORE

How the Great Lakes Formed—And the Mystery of Who Watched It Happen

1/18/2024 - By  Gemma Tarlach Now, thanks to innovative technology, determination, and luck, archaeologists are bringing this lost human history to the surface, and piecing together the mystery of a hunter-gatherer society unlike any other in the region. The North American Great Lakes, sometimes called inland seas, are the world’s largest freshwater system. They… SEE MORE