Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast Becomes Newest National Marine Sanctuary

6/27/2021 - The ranks of national marine sanctuaries grew by one this week, as NOAA and the State of Wisconsin announced the designation of America's 15th marine sanctuary. Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast National Marine Sanctuary will encompass 962-square miles of Lake Michigan that contain a multitude of cultural and historical treasures. Among the 36 known historic shipwrecks, the… SEE MORE

NOAA Unveils 10-year Roadmap for Tackling Ocean, Great Lakes Acidification

8/5/2020 - NOAA unveiled its new 10-year research roadmap to help the nation’s scientists, resource managers, and coastal communities address acidification of the open ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes. “Ocean acidification puts the United States’ $1 billion shellfish industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk,” said Kenric Osgood, Ph.D., chief of the… SEE MORE